Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Andalucian Adventure Part 2 - Monday in Mijas

Click on the link, if you missed Part 1 of my Andalucian Adventure story.

Here's what happened next....

* * *
After a very busy and lino-packed weekend, I had a "day off" on Monday, as the next linocut workshop didn't start until Tuesday. 

I decided to explore Mijas a bit more, seeing as that is where I was staying.  Mariann had suggested a bus-ride to Fuengirola, down the hill, which is on the coast (Costa del Sol), but somehow I didn't fancy a big town, lots of people etc.  I just felt like ambling around, relaxing and exploring.  So I did!
First, a nice relaxed Breakfast, with Spanish bread, Peach jam, Spanish orange juice and lovely coffee (also English Weetabix, but you can't have everything, eh?)
Then a wander through the Nuevo Pueblo, as the sun was beginning to shine...
...down a few steps...
...heading into town, with the Mountain on my right.
After all,
with views like this from the main town square,
all the way across to the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea,
why would I need to leave Mijas?
I found a few donkeys, who were off-duty and resting.
I found the Burro Taxis - these donkeys were on duty, waiting to give rides to tourists (you can also ride on a donkey, rather than in a donkey-cart!).  I stopped to have a chat with a few of these little people - donkeys are lovely creatures, clever, intelligent, gentle... sometimes a bit obstinate or silly, but then, if you are kind to them, most are easy to persuade and train.  I like them!
I found El Compas, a lovely paved garden, with street musician, snack stalls, fountains and lovely views.
They even have comfy chairs -
which are very handy, when you want to stay a while and admire views like this
and this - all the way across the hills, down to the Sea!
In fact, pretty much anywhere you go in Mijas,
You can find fabulous views!

I also walked up into the town and visited the Museum:
This video shows some of the things I saw and tells you a bit about them!

This is a typical street view in Mijas [source]

I headed home in the afternoon, for a nice lunch and a rest for my tired feet.
The Plaza de las Acacias
my apartment is to the right (upstairs windows).

I even fell asleep in the afternoon - the Spanish timetable is irresistible!

* * *
I have some more to tell and show you, from my time in the Studio on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  But that will be another day!


  1. What an incredible place! I am so envious of your trip!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing it! I can't wait to see more from your studio time. :D

  2. What a good decision to stop where you were Lizzie...I have only passed through Fuengirola, and decided not to bother going back for a look!!
    Alison xx

  3. It just looks so wonderful that I want to be there right now and not in the cold of England!

  4. My goodness those views are simply spectacular!

  5. My friends have an apartment in Mijas - I can see why they like going back there year after year! It's -5 here tonight and I am envious of all that sunshine!

  6. I'm envious of all that sun - I have spent a day in Mijas when on holiday with my youngest and my mum and dad. I must dig out the photos. My youngest was particularly interested in the donkey dung! Looks like you had a fab time.

  7. I am feeling so nostalgic looking at these - thank-you for posting so a glorious reminder of what can be when you're not in the grey and the snow! Beautiful ...

  8. Oh wow that looks amazing Lizzie! :)

  9. It looks beautiful. Your photos are the perfect antidote to the freezing temperatures this evening Lizzie :o)

  10. wow what a beautiful place to have visited,
    jo xxx


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