Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Andalucian Adventure - The Valentines Day Edition!

While I was in Mijas, working with Mariann at Cascada Studio, we all made a couple of small "learning" pieces.  These we printed onto nice, folded printmaking paper, to make Valentine Cards. 

This is what I did:
Working on the design of my first print.  The areas I wanted to keep are shaded in red pen.

Starting to cut the first plate...
First print. 
Mariann inks up the little plate, for an experiment.
The middle was inked in purple, after rolling red ink over the whole plate.

By this point, I had decided I didn't like the large expanse of flat background, so I cut out the heart, to make a shaped plate for printing.  We all agreed that the red/purple experiment didn't look right.  In the end, I decided to print the design in the purple that we'd used for the middle.
This is what the final version was like.  I don't have the card handy though - DH has it just now!

And I also made a second card, for a certain Boy, who always expects to have one of his own!
A little "guitar", all inked up for a test print.
Testing the plate.
The finished card!


  1. These look awesome! I'm taking a printmaking class right now at a local arts college. (Since I'm teaching some book arts classes this semester, I get a discount on any other classes I want to take!) I haven't done any printmaking since I graduated from college, so it's nice to get back into it. I'll be sure to share what I make too!

  2. I really like the look of how these prints turn out, they have a rustic charm to them and look so smart and simple at the same time - I bet the boys love them!

  3. ah love. i made my BBF a non-Valentine's card,
    jo xxx

  4. Ah, that little heart guitar would have been the perfect image for my string-instrument-playing husband! Lovely work.

  5. Love the guitar image!
    Alison xx


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