Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mini-Book Magic

Hello, I am back again.  Not posting very regularly just now, but I am trying to post at least once a week!
Before  I get onto the Real Subject of this post... Do you remember "Herman the German"? 
Well, if you do - and those who tasted him may well do - you may like to know that Herman has his very own Website!!  Follow this link - or the one in the "Stop Press" column on the right - to take a look!
I don't have a "Herman" just now, but I'd love to try and start one from scratch - I believe the instructions are there somewhere!

* * *

Sooo.. back to the Real Subject!

An Experiment with Miniature Books

There seem to be rather a lot of scraps sitting around my studio.  Strips of paper, trimmed from large sheets, when I cut them into pages; small pieces of bookcloth and suede; decorative paper scraps; short lengths of linen thread, too small for a large book... 

I don't like to throw away nice materials, so I thought I would do a bit of Experimenting and make some Miniature Books.

A Miniature Book is generally accepted to be a book that is less than 7.5cm/ 3" in height and width.  Which is really quite small.  Some people have made ultra-mini books... so tiny you'd need a magnifying glass to look.  Some have written tiny text in their miniature books.  There are miniature bibles, mini photo albums, mini cook-books, mini sketchbooks, miniature artists' books,  mini-book necklaces... all kinds of things

So... I thought I'd give it a try.  This is what I've made so far:
Three Miniature books...
The red pencil is a standard-sized pencil...
Teal suede leather miniature book, 5cm / 2ins square

This little book has a Longstitch mediaeval style binding in golden linen thread.  There are 20 pages of crisp off-white Fabriano paper.  It has a wrap-round leather strip to fasten it.

This little hardcover book measures 6 cm / 2, 3/8" by 5cm / 2". It has covers of Liberty Tana Lawn bookcloth, in William Morris' "Strawberry Thief" design, with a quarter binding of damson silk dupioni bookcloth.  There are 30 pages of white paper, with white endpapers to match.  It fastens with a little grey ribbon tie. 

A hardcover book, measuring 6.75cm / 2.5" by 5.5cm / 2.25".  It has covers of hand-marbled paper, by Rhonda Miller with a quarter binding of grey suede leather.  There are 30 pages of heavy-weight white artists paper, stitched with grey linen thread.  The end papers are a dark blue art paper and it fastens with a grey ribbon tie.
My three little mini-books!

These are by no means perfect - they are very much "learning" pieces.  Lots of little faults - such as the two hard cover books refusing to close, once I had added the end-papers (hence the ribbon ties!), and I didn't do the longstitch binding very well.  I still have lots to learn.
Still, I am pleased with them - they're fun and cute and quite pretty.  A couple of hours well spent!


  1. They are soooooooo cute!!! Very cool indeed.

  2. Adorable little treasures! Love them!

  3. I adore anything miniature - so I'm going to come right out and say these are my all-time favourite Lizzie creations!

  4. Very cute! I can't imagine a hard cover book that size (although I've made soft cover books that little). And I have a friend who makes books with dominoes as the covers (and stitched bindings!).
    Thanks for the share today,

  5. They are so cute! I love the one with the little bird on the front. I have piles of scraps here, too. It's hard to throw them away. Most of the time I use them on cards, or sometimes mixed media pieces. But the piles are winning! :) xox

  6. These are adorable. I love the Strawberry thief.

  7. All three are super sweet! I love the one with the stitched binding especially. How clever to work in such detail ...

  8. oooh I love these. They remind me of the tiny books the bronte sisters used to write in. Very lovely.

  9. SO cute Lizzie..they look perfect to me!
    Alison xx

  10. These are lovely too, especially with the Morris fabric (I'm a sucker for anything he made). I started making mini books last autumn to sell at Christmas craft fairs, then failed to book a stall in time. Your post reminds me I'll have to find them again for this year!

  11. Oh these are so darling! I love the colours and fabrics etc but I am so on love with their size!


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