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Storytelling Sunday - May 2012 : A Day Out in Cambridge

I'm late for Sian's Storytelling Sunday.

I am also very late at blogging this story, about a lovely Day Out in Cambridge, which I had nearly 2 weeks ago! 

Wednesday 25th April - A Rainy Day in Cambridge

Diane - better known in Blogland as Dinahmow

Diane has been travelling in Britain, visiting friends and relatives. Her father was English, but she was born in New Zealand and currently lives in Queensland, Australia. 
Diane also likes to make art - printmaking, books, poetry, sketching - you can see some of her work on her blog.  She has been following my blog for a while and has left me some very kind comments!
Diane contacted me in February, to ask if I'd like to meet up while she was here.  Seemed like a very nice idea, so we agreed that I would meet Diane in Cambridge. 
A bonus was that I also got to meet Celia, an artist whose work I admire very much and whose lovely blog I have also been following for a while now, as Diane had arranged to meet her on the same morning. 
Harriets Cafe, Cambridge - we met here for morning coffee and chat.
Me and Celia at Harriets

Cambridge in the rain...  They were bailing out the punts on The Backs...
Lizzie and Diane in the rain... (note the raincoat - I sacrificed elegance to necessity, so no red coat!)
It may have been rainy, but Celia was still smiling!
We went up to Kettle's Yard, a very special old house that has been made into a gallery.  There was an exhibition of work by Alfred Wallis, which Celia and Diane wanted to see.  It was great to see this man's work. He was just an ordinary mariner and fisherman, living in St. Ives, who took up painting in the 1930's, after the death of his wife.  His paintings are simple, but he painted what he knew - often from memory.  I loved how every detail on the boats was correct. His colours were interesting, his choice of materials was unusual, but he has left a set of work that is very special. So glad we went!

Then it was lunchtime.  We went to the famous Fitzbillies, where we had a very nice lunch.
While we were eating, the sun came out! So, here's Fitzbillies in the sunshine!
Celia felt she couldn't leave, without buying some famous Fitzbillies Chelsea Buns - the big warmer where they live is known as "the Dalek"!
Smiling in the Sunshine!

Unfortunately it was getting late and Diane & Celia had to go.  I said goodbye and headed off to catch my bus back to the Park & Ride (best way to get into Cambridge if you don't need to drive around there etc).
Sunshine on a showery day - Cambridge looks nice in the sun.  And all the tourists suddenly rushed to the river, to punt on The Backs!

I nearly forgot:
I asked Celia to bring me a print of hers that I wanted to buy - This is "March Hares" - isn't it great?
I bought it to go with "Night Flight", which I bought last year - you can spot it here, on my Art Wall!
Celia also gave us some of her cards, printed from her original linocuts.  Fabulous, aren't they? (She sells these via her Etsy shop, MagicCochinsEmporium - there are some lovely ones there just now.
And Diane very kindly gave us each a lovely glass pendant.  Isn't this pretty?
So I was very spoiled.

I had a lovely day out in Cambridge, despite the rain (and cold!).  It was lovely to meet Diane and Celia - I hope to meet them again some time - Celia at least. 

And it reminded me why I used to go to Cambridge very regularly, as a child and before I was married.  Haven't been for such a long time... yet it took me less than an hour to get there and was a very easy drive, despite the rain.  Must go again very soon!

So, this was my picture story for Storytelling Sunday.  A bit out of date, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same!  


  1. Brilliant story and such happy photos - despite the rain.

  2. Oh my stars! Didn't it rain!But I did enjoy my day out in great company.
    Thank you for all the fun, Lizzie and Celia.

  3. Ah Dinahmow.. you're back in Blogland! Glad you had a good day - so did I!

  4. Never too late for a lovely story :) And meeting up with friends is the best kind of lovely story!

    Ah, Cambridge.... The Doctor did his PhD there, and we lived there for the first 4 1/2 years of our married life. We're definitely due another trip back to revisit our old haunts!

  5. Lovely story and absolutely gorgeous glass pendent.

  6. It looks and sounds like a lovely day out Lizzie!

  7. What a nice story. I love the owl print.

  8. Gosh! don't we look bedraggled?!!! I'd almost forgotten what wet day Diane chose for her return to Cambridge after so long.


  9. What looks like a fantastic day. It must be so much fun to meet up with blog friends Xxx

  10. I don't think there is any such thing as an out of date story :) Cambridge used to be a favourite place of mine to visit too. I've been there on a scorching hot day and on the windiest day I've ever known. A city of wonderful contrasts.

    This is a wonderful tale of blogging friendship. What could be more enjoyable?!

  11. Sounds like a brilliant day out - glad that the rain didn't spoil it for you!

  12. Splendid day out - and makes me want to go! It's a long time since I was in Kettle's yard ... Off to google these lovely friends too.

  13. sounds like a wonderful day out despite the rain we keep having!!

  14. Cambridge looks beautiful, even in the rain and your day out looks wonderful. It was nice to see a little bit of Cornwall in Cambridge, I love Alfred Wallis we often pass his old house in St Ives. A visit to Cambridge would be rather nice.

  15. Cambridge is an old haunt of mine. Always fun to meet up with e-maginary friends isn't it? Looks like you had fun even with the rain!

  16. And I'm very late catching up with Story Telling sunday. glad you had a nice time.

  17. Lovely sotry1 I so envy people who get to meet up with blog friends!

  18. What a great day you had with your friends and such lovely gifts exchanged. Do we get to see what you gave them? I haven't been to Cambridge for over 20 years now. Must make a return visit one day.

  19. Just popping back to let you know that I am awarding you a "Liebster" Award on my blog today!


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