Friday, 29 March 2013

A Rainbow Wedding Book

I have been working on a commission order, for a Wedding Guest Book.  The customer's wedding has a rainbow theme and she wanted a book that would fit this theme.  She liked the rainbow paper in some of my notebooks, but wanted a white or cream cover. 

After some discussion, we came up with a plan.  The book is now finished and this is it:
It's a hard-cover case-bound book (ie. a traditional "hard-back" style), with covers of white linen and silver-grey silk. 

Close-up of the silk & linen.
Rainbow pages and a hard cover, with a stiff spine.
Close-up view of the hand-stitched headband (that stripey bit at the top & bottom of the pages).
The end-papers are shiny silver. 
It's not exactly paper - more a shimmery thin plastic film, but it works really well.
The back of the end-papers has a matt finish. 
Red pages come first - each page has a punched, decorative edge.
Orange and yellow pages...
Turquoise and aqua - and you can see the other colours before & after these pages - there are ten colours in all, with a total of sixty pages.  
It's finished and the customer Loves it!
The only thing that I still have to do, is make and print a lino-cut label, with a rainbow and the Happy Couple's names & wedding date.  Work in progress...


  1. Sch a happy book for a wedding :). I love that sober cover though - the combination of the linen and slubby silk is just gorgeous. You are very talented :).

    1. Thank you Alexa, that's very kind! It is fun, that the cover looks quite simple and ordinary, but there's a whole rainbow hiding inside. The label will jazz up the cover a bit, but I don't think it will spoil that effect.

  2. Very cool. I like the contrast between the cover and the pages.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful book.

  4. Stunning - love the delicate punched details

  5. Lovely Lizzie, The innocent, traditional looking outer shell, hiding the gorgeously bright rainbow pages inside.

  6. the contrast is beautiful x

  7. I really like the contrast between the textured plain/neutral outside and the smooth colourful inside - with just a touch of texture in those punched borders. Lovely - no wonder she likes it.


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