Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday Worktable March 27th 2013 - And it's Books Again!

Hi, today I'm joining in with WOYWW at Julia's Stamping Ground.  When  you've finished here, why not click the link and go to see what's on everyone elses' desks today?

The Peacock Wedding Guest Book is Finished!
I've just completed this project, for customer Helen's wedding in May.
The book covers have a reproduction of a Chinese wallpaper, from Erddig Hall in Wales.  The lovely design of peacocks, flowers etc is just so striking.  The edging on the covers is a deep blue silk, chosen to mirror the blue of the peacocks. 
The book has a hand-stitched binding, in coral linen.  There is a pleated silk spine, onto which the book sections are stitched with a hybrid of Coptic stitch and a decorative version of longstitch. 
The covers have a lining of art paper, in a coral colour, similar to the flowers on the covering paper.
Side view, which shows the binding and the lovely cream pages.  The pleated silk spine is visible also.
This binding is stitched on the folded edge of each page section, so the book will open out flat all the way through. 
The paper inside the book is a text-weight cream paper, with a laid finish.  It's lovely and I made the pages with hand-torn edges, just to give them a bit more character.
I've made a bookplate for the inside of the book, by cutting a mount from the Peacock paper.  The label is made with the same cream text paper as the pages. 
The customer hasn't seen this yet and I don't know if she wants the bookplate, so I haven't fixed it into the book. 
I hope that Helen is as happy with this as I am - I think it turned out great! 
Thanks for reading - don't forget about Julia's WOYWW project - it's getting close to its 4th anniversary now!  


  1. it's fantastic Liz..I just love the peacock print!

  2. That's beautiful. i'm sure she'll love it.

  3. This wedding book is gorgeous. I love that paper you used...#98

  4. That book is stunning. Well done - hope the customer is as happy with it.
    glitterandglue #92

  5. This turned out gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the finished product. Can't wait to see what you work on next. Creative Blessings! Kelly #158

  6. Oh I hope she wants the book plate it is such a lovely addition to a beautiful book.

  7. Fabulous, I adore Peacock designs and the colours.
    Happy Easter WOYWW Heather #86

  8. You create such beautiful books Lizzie. That Peacock cover is a favourite of mine!

  9. Thank you everyone, it's nice to show off a bit - I'm pleased with this book and I'm so glad you like it too! X

  10. Hi Lizzie. Just wanted to stop by and say hello now that I'm back on the internet! So, hello!

    Love, as always, your amazing hand-made books. Glad to see that you're still loving them too x

  11. Helen couldnt fail to be happy with it - it's marvellous Lizzie!.

  12. It is indeed just lovely, Lizzie, and I was excited I could name the type of binding! I do hope she likes the Bookplate - it is perfect for the cover ...

  13. What a gorgeous book for a very special day.

  14. The book is lovely - I really like that paper. April #175

  15. Hi Lizzie!!
    Very beautiful post, I liked it too much because you explain with details what you did in your project. You are right, the peacoc paper for the cover is marvelous.
    Congratulations, you are very excellent in what you do.


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