Thursday, 23 October 2014

More Leather Journals

Someone asked a question yesterday, in comments, about the leather journal currently on my binding table. She wondered if it was an Art Journal.   I replied that it could be, but she might prefer one of the leather-covered sketchbook journals in my online shop.

So, I thought I might show you some more leather books that I've been making recently.  I really have been enjoying myself, as I bought a stock of beautiful leather pieces and have been working with these, to create some new journals, with bright, cheerful coloured linings and binding threads.

* * *
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* * *

Some journals and sketchbooks, with leather covers, colourful linings and longstitch bindings.

Grey leather sketchbook or journal, with purple linen longstitch binding and magenta mulberry paper lining. Contains white sketch paper. 

Chestnut brown leather sketchbook or journal, with white sketch paper pages.  Hand bound in longstitch, with golden linen thread.  Lined with hand made lokta paper, with a design of leaves or ferns. 

Purple leather sketchbook or journal, with white sketch paper pages.  Hand bound in longstitch, with golden linen thread.  Covers lined with magenta hand made lokta paper. 

Golden brown leather journal or sketchbook, with cream text paper pages.  Hand bound in longstitch, with red linen thread.  Lined with red hand made mulberry paper. 

Navy blue leather journal, with wrap-over cover.  Contains cream text paper, hand bound with green linen thread.  Covers lined with golden yellow hand made mulberry paper.  Book fastens with hand made porcelain buttons and hand-twisted wrap-round cords. 

* * *

Those are the five larger journals or sketchbooks that I have made recently.  They could all be used as art journals, though those with sketch paper might work out better; the cream text paper is gorgeous and excellent quality, but it might still not be ideal for wet media.  The sketch paper should cope okay with paint etc, as well as pencil, crayon etc.

I also made some smaller books:

Golden brown leather sketchbook, or art journal, with wrap cover.  Contains both cartridge drawing paper and  artists' watercolour paper. Hand bound in longstitch, with red linen thread.  Fastens with a red cord and button.  

Grey leather pamphlet-style notebook or journal, with cream text paper pages.  Hand bound with deep blue thread.  Cover lined with hand made lokta paper, in deep blue, with a design of leaves or ferns. 

Deep navy blue leather journal or notebook.  Lined with marbled paper by artist Rhonda Miller. Contains cream text paper.  Hand bound in longstitch, with smokey pink thread.  Stitching has a decorative crossed-stitch pattern.  

These, along with other leather and paper-covered books can be purchased, should you wish to buy.  Look in my Folksy online shop, to see what is currently available (or follow the link to my Etsy shop, if you prefer). :-) 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I've been making recently.  Thanks for reading!  


  1. I always bind my own art journals with all kinds of covers, but leather is the most beautiful material to work with.... I love the orange/brown one with the leaves... the colour of that leather is just amazing and so 'Autum-like'. Thanks for visiting my desk this week, happy woyww and a hug from (rainy and windy) Holland, Marit #59

  2. You HAVE been must get so much satisfaction when you look a pile of your beautiful books!
    Alison xx

  3. I love that these leather journals have colourful insides as they're a nice little surprise. I especially love the pink one :)


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