Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday Worktable - 22nd October 2014 : Seasonal Preparations

It's been six months since I joined in with WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday), over at JuliaDunnit's Blog - hadn't realised how long!  Each Wednesday, Julia invites fellow crafters and bloggers to show a photo or two of their worktables, and explain what they've been doing.

So, here is my - rather messy - work table today!  Cluttered with assorted book projects, in various stages of progress.  I'm busy making seasonal stock, for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrations that happen at this time of year. 

At the back, a number of sets of pages, for little notebooks, plus a 6" x 4" size Halloween-themed Notebook, ready for sewing later on.  

To the left, a Red, Woolfelt-covered Journal, with pages of handmade, petal-sprinkled paper.  The cover is decorated with buttons.  I made this some time ago, but I want to put some more work into it.  It was run up in a hurry, as a demonstration item for a bookbinding course; I want to add a nice lining to the cover and maybe do something extra with that cluster of buttons - I have a Plan! 

Then, in front of the red journal, is a set of pages and another woolfelt piece, in soft blue-grey. I intend to decorate the felt with fabric and leather, embroidery and beads, to make another of the embroidered journals, such as I made for Christmas time 2012.  

And in the middle - a journal, in lovely black leather, with purple mulberry paper endsheets and crisp, white "Three Candlesticks" text paper pages.  It has a sort-of uneven-style binding, with stitches of different sizes.  Not sure if I do, or don't, like it - yet - we shall see...  

The plan is to do "something" with the straight stitches on the spine, to make them look "different", so I'll finish the binding and see what kind of inspiration strikes (I do have a couple of ideas, if they work)! 

* * *
So, that's my contribution to the WOYWW Story this week - thanks for reading.  Why not pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what else is going on in the crafting world?


  1. It all looks lovely, Lizzie, and so organised and efficient! I looked at your 2012 Christmas post, to see how you made the books - thanks for sharing - I might (hopefully) get round to trying my hand at one. Have a lovely week, Chris # 3 PS Welcome back!! x

  2. Book binding! How interesting is that! Since I've been on WOYWW I've been introduced to so many new (to me) crafts.
    I like the spine of that black book. Are they art journals?
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

    1. Hello Lisca, the leather book in the photo is a smallish notebook or journal, with a nice weight of text paper for the pages. You *could* use it as an art journal, but might prefer one of the slightly larger leather books in my shop, that have sketch paper inside.
      (Etsy shop link on sidebar of my blog => - or you can find me at - my shop is LizzieMade too!) Thanks for asking!

  3. Hello!

    SO many wonderful project in the making! You are one busy woman! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Thanks for your visit earlier and comments. I must confess that most of the momentos went in a box to be recycled on my ATCs.
    I love your blog, full of interesting posts. I shall have to buy the magazine with the crocheted Elephant ... I would love to make it for Pops - as the scan is known.
    Bishopsmate #60

  5. Great projects, love the cat images on the Halloween page. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  6. Love all the various journals! Wish I lived close by so I could have you teach me how to bind them. Would love to look through the pages of these! Diane #80

  7. Felt-y journal covers? What's not to love about that?!

    Your desk reminds me of my own. Not the beautiful book binding, of course, but the little piles of different projects all on the same table all on the go at the same time

    1. Ah, but you actually Finish stuff! Whereas, I always have a zillion things on the go, but so few seem to get completed...
      Mind you, I just posted today, with a whole lot of leather-covered books that I've made in recent weeks, so perhaps it's just a temporary problem - I seem to have managed a fair bit of work in September and October.

  8. Nice to see you joining us for the desk sharing today Lizzie. I love the purple stitching on the black leather spine.

    Fiona #75

  9. The photos of all those books in different stages of preparation is most inviting - I want to read out and touch that leather! And a great clutch of buttons waiting to be auditioned.

    1. Ah, but those buttons are already attached - stitched with silver thread! I want to do something a bit more fancy with them though... still (still!!) trying to decide what!


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