Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Present Orders

I'm getting orders now, for Christmas Gifts.  It always makes me smile - someone likes my work and even wants to share it with somebody they love! 
This package is off to Buxton, in Derbyshire. The very lovely customer ordered three things - they will have some happy friends, come Christmas Day (or I hope so, anyway!). 

This is what's inside....

A Leather Journal, with green linen longstitch binding, handmade porcelain button and hand-twisted cord fastenings, lovely cream text paper pages and yellow lokta paper lining.
I hope this will be enjoyed, as it was one of my favourites! 

One of these 6"x4" notebooks.  Kraft card covers, wrapped with "luggage labels" paper, nice cream paper pages and a kraft paper envelope to present it in. 
and... a Pair of 6"x4" notebooks, with covers of double-sided, stiff scrapbook paper. Each has lovely "Three Candlesticks" paper pages, bound with red linen thread and a ribbon tie. 

I do hope these are well-received - both by the buyer, and the people they are given to!  


  1. It is really rather lovely :) That paper is wonderful x

    1. Which paper, sweetie?
      And thank you! XX

  2. Anyone would be happy to receive any of those books.

  3. They are lovely....what gorgeous gifts to receive.


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