Friday, 28 November 2014

Playing the Game

"Yellow Car!" 

"Oh, no! I said it first!" 

"I didn't hear you..."

"Dad, didn't I say, 'Yellow Car'?" 

"I didn't hear you either..." 

"Maybe we should call it One-All?" 


"Red Car!" 


"What? What's wrong with that? It is red." 

"The game is called 'Yellow Car', Because the Car has to be Yellow." 

"Oh, so that's one of  the rules?" 

"Dad! It's the ONLY Rule!" 

* * *

Welcome to our car (not yellow)...  It's our current favourite game.  James always wins, because I'm too busy watching out for cars of any colour - also lorries, buses and anything else that I really shouldn't hit.  And Dave forgets to say "yellow car", until it's too late!

Disputes have arisen in the past, as to what actually counts as a "yellow car".  Can we use vans? If so, how big does a van have to be, before it's a "lorry"?  Do buses count? Or lorries, trucks, mopeds, scooters, motorbikes? (answer - no!).


  1. That's raised a smile here! Sounds like lots of fun, despite (or perhaps because of!) rule interpretation :).


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