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Wednesday Worktable - Wednesday 5th August - Pockets!

This is my contribution to WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday), over at JuliaDunnit's Blog. Each Wednesday, Julia invites fellow crafters and bloggers to show a photo or two of their worktables, and explain what they've been doing.
I haven't been posting much recently, as my mum is about to move house (tomorrow!).  She's elderly and disabled, so... guess who is doing all the work?
Anyway, I have found a spare few minutes and thought I'd post about what I've been up to (and my mess!)

If you fancy a lot of photos and something to "ooh" and "aahh" over, try my previous post, about a lovely day out at the DotComGiftShop Press Event in London.  Lots of pictures of gorgeous new, shiny things to covet...

And then, here is what I have been working on, since returning from holiday:

My main work-table hasn't really changed... it's still scary!  But my small table has had a variety of projects going on... 


These are for a travel-themed album, that a lady wants for her daughter, who gets married in September and is going to Europe for her honeymoon.  She wanted the album to have some pockets added, to hold mementos, leaflets, tickets etc.  
I've made three bellows-style pockets in white paper, with a blue bellows section at sides and base and fold-over flaps.  

This is the album itself:

Travel Themed Large Photo Album 
Side-on view of the pockets, to show you the blue details.  

I'm hoping she will approve of these, so I can fix them into the book and get it into the post asap!

And just to tie up a loose end or two: 

I finally bound all the notebooks that were ready for sewing, when I posted mid-July. Then I set up a Notebook Sale album on my facebook page - some have sold already, so I'm a happy Lizzie! 

* * *
Thanks for reading, I hope you like to see my various book projects - I haven't really had time for many other things recently, but soon I hope to do a little bit of scrap-book page making (everyone say, "Ooooo!").    

I hope you'll come back and visit again soon. When you've finished browsing around on my blog, do return to Julia's Stamping Ground, to see what's going on elsewhere this week. 


  1. What a lovely post, Lizzie - nice busy desk, and what fabulous pockets! I have made pockets to go in albums and they are fun to open and find the contents hidden inside. Thank you for your lovely comment - and it's absolutely no hardship to leave nice comments with you because your work is so stunning! I am so pleased to be feeling better again after the last chemo treatment because I can spend some quality time in the studio doing the things I enjoy the most, and even having time for constructive and experimental PLAY! I so agree about wings... I'd sprout them tomorrow if I could! I am hoping that the wings I am making will be useful for the angel project I'm working on. I'm afraid I'm going to keep you and everybody else waiting a while longer before the Big Reveal on my secret projects lol! Sorry to keep you all on tenterhooks for so long. Can't wait to share.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  2. WOW! That honeymoon album that you made for the lady's daughter is going to become a family heirloom. Thanks for your visit and Blessings!

  3. Looks like here is all kinds of stuff going on a your desk. Love the books.
    April #39

  4. Oh I love the travel album, it's beautiful. I have made one book before and wanted to make a travel album when my daughter went off to Japan, maybe one of these days I will have a go but it won't be as nice as your beautiful work.
    Jill #32

  5. It is lovely to see your workspace Lizzy and I love the travel journal. That's my kind of thing! Sorry to hear you've not had much time for making and hope that your Mum gets settled into her new home and is happy there. You have been busy as her carer and it is good you found some time for yourself this week xx

  6. How weird was that? I was typing and the page suddenly reloaded?! Anyway I was saying the stuff on your desk is very interest, lots to poke around and check out. The album is fabulous and very well constructed as are you little notebooks. It looks like you have been busy but you'll be even busier when it comes to helping with the move. Thanks for the visit earlier and congrats on your eagle eye! You are so right that there is cat in the back of a second picture. I'm not sure it is Charles, it might be Poppy. It is hard to tell by just an ear! Judy #49

  7. Thanks for the interest in my Travel Album, ladies & gents - and for all the lovely comments!

  8. Hope your mum's move went ok...I've done it twice and it was blooming hard work. I hope you're not too shattered....
    I love the blue bellows sides to the album's such a simple twist but really adds to the overall look. Clever you!! I hope the lady likes the album because it does look amazing :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xxxx

  9. Oh I like the blue details on those envelopes. Sounds like a great trip to be recorded too. Those notebooks are so cute, having sorted out the office and seen how many I have tho' I'm resisting :)

  10. Your books are so beautifully made (I agree, it's no hardship to look at them at all!)

    As an aside, I hope that you're looking forward to the blogger's retreat. I'm trying to get myself back into the blogging habit so that (if I can make it next year) I won't be ousted as a 'non-blogger.' x


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