Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Worktable - Wednesday August 26th - Leather Notebook

This is my contribution to WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday), over at JuliaDunnit's Blog. Each Wednesday, Julia invites fellow crafters and bloggers to show a photo or two of their worktables, and explain what they've been doing.
So, my mum's house move is over with - she's been in her new home for three weeks now and things are slowly getting sorted out and back to "normal".  I haven't had much time for blogging, or making things really, but this week I wanted to join in again and I even have a couple of projects to show off!

Julia has started on her Christmas cards, over at Stamping Ground... But I'm still working through the Wedding Season here, also a couple of personal projects. 

This was my desk in the morning: 
A bit tidy, I know, but this is only the little folding table.  I daren't show you my large work table - you might run away screaming and never return! 

So, on the table we have a leather cover for a little pocket notebook.  You can see the outline for the name and a butterfly to be painted onto the cover, plus a little pile of lined paper, for the pages. 

This is the lining on the other side of the leather.  A really pretty screen printed Indian paper.

And in the afternoon...

Finished Leather Pocket Notebook! 

This is a gift for my mum-in-law to give her friend, Sandra.  I made a similar notebook for Mum's birthday, which Sandra thought was lovely - so I promised Mum I would send her one as a present for Sandra, who is a lovely friend to her.  I hope she will be pleased with it. 

Also, you may remember the Honeymoon Album I showed in progress last time? 

Ta-Dah! Finished!
A label on the front... 

Large pocket, inside the Front cover... 
Two smaller pockets inside the Back cover. 

The book is on its way to America right now.  I've shown the customer some photos and she is very pleased, so I'm happy too. 

And finally (is this too many photos? Hmm...)

I've been making scrapbook pages, for the first time in months! 

This is for my niece - these are her two dear little girls, playing in the cornfield, by the windmill on a warm summery day! I want to add a little bit of journalling, but haven't decided what to write - I may ask my niece what she wants it to say, as this is for her to keep. 

* * *

So, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to.  I'll try and join in again soon! 

I hope you'll come back and visit again.  When you've finished browsing around on my blog, do return to Julia's Stamping Ground, to see what's going on elsewhere this week. 


  1. OH, my goodness, someone posted later than I did! :) That is an adorable scrap page. Glad you are scrapbooking again. I go in spurts. Lovely honeymoon album, too. Happy late WOYWW! #53

  2. I would leave it blank and let her put her own journalling, It is such a beautiful page and her own writing would personalize it

  3. Oh I love all those things you make. The honeymoon book is gorgeous (and very practical).
    And the scrapbook page is adorable. I like the lettering. I might try to copy that. I have found my white pen.
    I'm a bit late in commenting, but I like taking my time and reading people's blog and sometimes older posts too.
    Have a great week,

  4. Glad to hear your life is getting back to "normal". I always put that word in quotes as my life is always changing and am beginning to wonder what "normal" looks like! Your gifts look like they will be a real hit and the scrapbook page looks wonderful. 18

  5. Glad to know that everything is starting to 'settle'. I hope you find more time for you (and for your crafting.)

  6. Those are the sweetest little notebooks, so I can understand why they would make such great presents. I love the way the honeymoon album came out. Blessings!

  7. Your books are always so gorgeous, Lizzie. Glad your mum's house move went OK.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #42

  8. Thanks for your return visit, Lizzie, and for your two lovely comments, and for your good wishes for my chemo. It's a game of snakes and ladders. Another snake on Friday, then 2 weeks of climbing up the ladder, with about a week of feeling well enough to do anything, then back down the snake again! Treatment No. 6 on Friday and then 2 more after that. Roll on 16th Oct.!! Glad you like the silk paper - I'd like to try making some sometime - a friend gave it to me years ago. I've been busy workng on a commission since feeling better - a piece of Zentangle art to go in a book on Zentangle which is about to be published, which is very exciting. Nearly fnished now, and once I get permission (there may be copyright issues) I shall post it on my blog.

    The new laptop is a dream now I've got the Internet nightmares sorted! It's a great new toy and should last a good few years I hope!


  9. What a lovely soft, delicate scrapbook page! If you any scraps of that pretty Indian paper, they'd look great on it: a little pocket for some handwritten journalling? Your big pocket in that album is so nicely done - I love pockets in notebooks and albums.


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