Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wednesday Worktable - Wednesday 11th November 2015 - Little Houses in a Row!

Hello all and welcome to LizzieMade blog on a windy Wednesday!

This is a contribution to Julia Dunnit's WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) weekly challenge, which I try to join in with whenever I can.

This morning my desk is home to a continuation of last week's project: 

Set One of the little houses for two strings of House Bunting.  Here they are, all cut, coloured and with holes punched, ready to be strung together.  

A few close-up views, in case you want to see.  I used coloured pencils in the end, to draw the roof, windows and doors and all the details for each house. 

I'm waiting for approval from my customer, then I will start the second set - which will have doors on the right hand side.  I have asked if she wants all the "left doors" on one string and the "right doors" on the other, but she hasn't said yet!  Hopefully she will be pleased with these and I'll get on with the next batch later on.  

I hope you enjoyed looking at my project in progress.  Do come back next time - I'll try to put a photo of the finished bunting strings.  

Meanwhile, why not take a trip over to Julia's blog, to see what everyone else is up to today? 

Thanks for visiting!  


  1. These look lovely - there's something about similar-but-different-things all in a row which is most attractive. Looks like quite a lot of work!

  2. Hi Lizzie! I haven't seen you on WOYWW before! Like your house bunting and had a little nosie around your Etsy shop as well. I would like to start selling my stuff one day too! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39 (right behind you!)

  3. Hope your client likes your work - it's delightful. I added the shop widget to my blog after watching yours - great - THANKS Jackie #15 x

  4. That's an interesting and unusual commission. I hope your client is happy now that you have got this far.

    Fiona #34

  5. Oh, they are so cute!

  6. Little houses look so cute! I would mix them up - left, right, left, right - bit like me!!!!
    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #41

  7. Nice! I took a look at your Etsy shop too - beautiful work!

  8. I love the little houses, they all look unique - great job! Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy woyww and love from Holland , Marit #29

  9. Oh, and by the way: no, that's not a new lamp at my desk - it has been there all the time :) But I notice I took my photo from higher up this time so it shows better... I still love this desk lamp, I bought it in a second hand store and it came WITH low energy lightbulb for only 3 euros. It's one of the best buys I've ever had!

  10. Cool little houses Lizzie, will look great all strung up. Enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#29


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