Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sold! to the Gentleman from Hampstead!

Well first I must draw your attention to this post from FurryLittleMonster, which is just sooo funny! It made me laugh and woke me up on a sleepy Thursday morning.

Then I have news of a second sale this week (or third if you count it per item!).

Who could resist that little face?

So the Sock Puppy is off to a new home. I'll miss his cheeky face, peeping at me over the top of the storage box.  Time I finished and posted another one in the shop!

It's been so busy this week (see previous post for some details!).  In fact, after a busy weekend and three equally busy days, up to this morning, my body finally decided to mount a protest. I went to yoga this morning (after walking Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and running about all day Wednesday). 

My body did not want to co-operated, even though it's a very gentle session. I couldn't get into a relaxed frame of mind or body and found myself having to go and use my asthma inhaler, as everything went into mini-asthma-attack mode.

I recovered quickly enough, but took it easy (easier, as I hadn't exactly been pushing myself - we hadn't even sat up yet!).  I'm off to bed in a minute, as I feel like I could sleep for a week!

Obviously a quiet day would be a good plan for tomorrow. I have to take my mum to her appointment with the nurse, but otherwise, I will stay at home and relax. A good day to work on a couple of book projects, a few birthday cards, my "Project" mini-book etc. Oh, and another puppy or two for the shop!

I hope everyone has had a good week so far. I've had so little time for blogging, that I'm really a bit behind on some folks' news. I apologise and will catch up soon - I promise!

Best Wishes to all Blog Friends! Normal LizzieMade Service will be resumed asap!



  1. Congrats Lizzie! Your etsy shop is going great these days!

  2. Hi Lizzie, congratulations on the sales - that is certainly exciting news for you :-)

    Be careful and make sure you don't overdo things now that you are starting to feel stronger, enjoy a relaxing day at home!

  3. You take it easy, now!

    The puppy is lovely. My mum always said that putting the faces on anything is the hardest bit (and I think she's right) and you definitely have the knack!

  4. aww the puppy has gone to a g8 home, lots of running on the heath!!!!!! busy, busy, keeps a lizzie happy.
    Jo xxxx

  5. Congrats on your recent sale, Lizzie. Sounds like you are in the same mode that I am - feeling a little under the weather and just so darn tired.

    I'm happy to hear that you were in a yoga class. I have practiced yoga for 15 years now and I love it!


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