Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Waffly, Catching-Up sort of Post...

Well, the last few days have been so busy... I hardly know if I'm on my head or heels, but I've been having a lovely time!  

Friday DH and I went to Milton Keynes, which is about 20 miles from here, to search for some essential supplies for a book commission that I need to start. I needed moss-green silk, but couldn't find any locally. Also wanted some papers and possibly some ivory silk too.  Found the silk, along with some lovely linen/cotton mix fabrics, which will make lovely Summer-time books (if I only get on with it!).  Limited luck with the papers though. Luckily I had an order through from Shepherd-Falkiners' in London, which had some of what I need, so I'm hoping I can get started on the Wedding Guest Book this week, once I get confirmation of the fabric and paper choices from the customer. 
Green Silk Dupion and Natural Linen Mix;  Ivory Silk Satin and Natural Linen Mix
Ivory Silk Dupion;  Handmade Mulberry Paper with Large Mulberry Leaves

We also had a lovely lunch out, at "Bella Italia". I am rather keen on Italian risottos, so I was pleased to see a butternut squash risotto on the lunch menu. A plateful of this, with a glass of San Pellegrino Limonade and I was happy for the rest of the day.

Saturday was all jobs, as usual. I managed to get through 6 loads of laundry and some housework, as well as ferrying the Boy to his Saturday club in the morning.  He earned extra pocket money by helping with the laundry and vacuuming the downstairs rooms for me.  That certainly was appreciated, as hoovering gives me a backache still.  DH had a rotten cold and went to bed for a good rest, so me and DS had a quiet afternoon (in between hanging out and fetching in our loads of clean clothes!).  We all had a lazy pizza tea, as we were tired and no-one felt like cooking - it was a warm day as well... zzzz

Sunday was the hottest day so far this year. It got really warm by 11am and my two nieces came over, with the babies.  We had planned a picnic by the river, but it was really too hot, so we sat in the shade, in the garden and enjoyed our picnic there instead.  Later we had a short walk to the riverside, where Keri-Anne took some photos and we all messed about, but it was so hot we soon headed home again for a drink and a rest.  By 5:30pm we were all worn out. Keri-Anne's husband came to fetch the girls and babies, who were all desperate for bed-time! We had a "left-overs" dinner, from the freezer and all crashed out for the evening. Everyone had an early night on Sunday and slept like logs!

Me, DH and C. by the river (with baby in pram, boy & baby Elle somewhere and Keri-Anne on the other side of the camera!).

Monday was "jobs day" for me, as usual.  I have moved the shopping delivery forward to 8-9am, which meant that it arrived nice and early (7:45 actually, but who minds 15 mins in the right direction?). I had the time to get my home jobs finished, then went and did Mum's jobs too (take her shopping over, collect her pension from the P.O., pick up her prescription from the dr., collect the eggs from the lady who keeps hens, post letters, hang out washing, make sure she's okay before I go away again....). Luckily all was well and I got home by 12pm.  I spent the afternoon working on a lovely book, which I have made for a friend's birthday present (can't show you until she has opened her present, so I'll post it at the end of next week!). 

Today was another busy day. My friend D. called for me at 8:45, once our kids were at school. We have both started walking for our health, but her walks are much brisker and a lot further than mine just now.  So, she did her circuit of the village at her own speed, then called for me and kept me company while I did my somewhat shorter circuit - round the corner, around the big, grassy playground, then home again. It took ten minutes, but I went further today than I have done up til now and I felt okay when I stopped - which is progress, as I was quite dizzy last Tuesday when J. came with me for my first walk!  We will do this again tomorrow and plan to walk together on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (on Monday and Thursday I will go to Yoga class).

This afternoon, I finished the Birthday Present, then made these:

The two little girl pictures and the patterned background papers are all by Kirsty Wiseman, from her first two CD's of printables - available Here in her Shop - do take a look, they are all fabulous and great value, as you can print the papers and various little images as often as you want.  The papers all print a bit smaller than A4 size, but they are great for card making and useful for scrapping too. 

I also made a number of books last year, covered with Kirsty Wiseman papers!

So, all in all, it's been a bit crazy round here! I think I need a holiday... Busy day again tomorrow though - two appointments (optician and osteopath) and I need to find time for some housework too!


  1. Lizzie, I love you diary style blogging - feels like I'm having a phone conversation catch up with you :-) The seasons have changed here and it is cold and dreary now,I'm hoping for some sun later today. Have been trying to walk a few days a week here as well - too drizzly today though which is a pity.

  2. You have been busy! I love the KW journals and birthday cards.

  3. Wow, you sure have been busy Lizzie, sounds lots of fun though. Wondering if there was a world wide heat wave over the weekend! Your books and cards look lovely, and the fabric and paper for the wedding book look gorgeous. Not really ventured into the world of fabric,but fancy a go sometime. Congrats on the walking, I really need to get back on the treadmill, should be up to it by next week I reckon!

  4. Wow!!! How busy have you been
    lately !!!! Good luck with the books.

  5. Natural ivory silks and linens..a match made in heaven! We used to have a fabulous Irish linen factory shop near us, but sadly it closed. Good luck at the Osteopaths today!

  6. Love the look of those silks. here's to a few quieter days

  7. wow im exhausted just reading ur post.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ok now i am ready to reply. the silk looks beautiful and perfect for bridal/wedding events. it was way too hot for sitting in the sun at the weekend, i managed an hour on monday late afternoon and still got abit red. glad u are managing to go for a little walk, build it up and ull be amazed at howe u can go. sounds like a minibook in the making!
    Jo xxxx

  8. Lovely to catch up with you Lizzie :-) I really enjoy hearing all these little details of your life! xx

  9. You have been busy! All that running around! Love the books!

  10. That fabric looks beautiful! It is hot here as well. Too hot if you ask me. That's great that you stared regular exercise. I wish I had a friend that would pick me up for a walk:)


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