Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ten Questions from Jo

So, Jo-Jo has set a challenge to five of her Blog Friends - and I'm one of them.  We have to answer ten questions about ourselves, then think of ten new questions and pass it on to five other poor victims!

So I'll have a go...

Favourite quote or poem.
Hmm.. tricky already... my very favourite poem is Croft, by Stevie Smith:

In the loft
Sits Croft
He is soft

To my mind, that says it all (although Smith had far more to say, some equally "silly", some quite serious, some rather verging on the mawkish, some even rather depressing... ). Still, I like her poems (among others) and this is my very favourite.

How much do you spend on average on scrapbooking supplies in a month?
Well, until recently, it was probably around £20.  However, since I joined in with the "Something from (almost) Nothing" course, from the fantastic Shimelle, I have been trying not to buy any scrapping supplies and use what I already have (or should I say "hoard"?).

But, of course that doesn't apply to bookbinding supplies - I probably have spent my £20 on those instead, especially as I'm currently awaiting the delivery of an order of paper!

Blogspot or typepad?
Blogspot. I also did the "Blogging for Scrapbookers" course with Shimelle. She produced a great starter booklet for those of us who didn't already have a blog. I chose Blogspot and I'm quite happy with it just now.

If you could choose one thing which would make you happy what would it be?
Spending time with my husband and son. My family are the thing that matters to me most in the whole world (even more than bookbinding and scrapbooking!)

If you could save one thing from a house fire what would you save (family, children and pets are already safe)?
Probably my PC, as it contains all our family photos (which I really must back up....). And my scrap albums (am I allowed those too?), or my box of finished books, which represent hours of hard work and enjoyment... Do I have to make a choice?

What would be your ideal holiday destination and why?
We go every year, to Wells-Next-the-Sea, in Norfolk.  The beach there is the most wonderful place. It is long, wide and empty, with sea rolling in and out, dunes and pine woods. I love it there and miss it so much when we leave. I need to go there at least once a year, for my "Fix"!

If you were an author what genre would you write in?
I write in all kinds of styles and genres. I suppose my favourite is fiction of a semi-romantic style, that would probably appeal most to women.  And of course I write in "Craft Blog" genre too!

Have you ever stolen anything?
Do you mean other than the occasional sweetie from my son's stash?  Not really - I almost stole some sweets from the newsagents' when I was about 8 or so. But I decided it was not a good idea and gave them to the newsagent, saying "they fell in my pocket". Of course he knew what was going on and I got a good telling off - but he was less cross because I had given them back. My mother said the same, but I felt awful. I never fancied stealing after that - besides which, we were taught very firmly at home that it was wrong.

What is your best dish when entertaining?
Ummm... these days I tend to produce some kind of stew/ragu/bolognese type of meal, with meat or chicken, all in one big pot, served with rice, pasta or baked potatoes and nice bread & salad.  Those are always popular and they're quick and tasty. I have given up trying to impress with fancy stuff - it's too time consuming, doesn't impress people nearly as much as a nice, yummy stew and makes me hot, tired and cross! If it's presented nicely, a well-made ragu, with tasty, fresh ingredients is a great meal to serve to guests.

Describe yourself in 5 words
Happy, kind, loving, friendly, disorganised (or you could substitute "modest" for the last one lol!).
Sometimes you'd need to add the word "stressy" to this list, but there's a lot to be said for a loving family and nice little home - it brings out the best in most people!

* * *
So, that's Part One finished with - phew!  Of course, I now have to think of ten more questions that are, more or less, original.  Then I have to saddle five other poor victims with the responsibility of answering them!  Hopefully they will forgive me, take it in good part and produce some interesting answers that help us to know them better!

My Ten Questions (chosen rather at random, as befits a sunshiney Wednesday afternoon!)

Where would you most like to live, in the Whole World?

Pooh Bear or Snoopy for Prime Minister / President and why?

What is your favourite thing to eat?

What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at school?

What was your favourite school subject and have you continuted it in your career/job/life after leaving school?

Did you become what you always wanted to be when you grew up?

What Was your Grandad's shoe size?

Who is your favourite Author and which of their books do you enjoy most?

Post a photo of your favourite ever craft project (done by yourself!) - a scrap page, card, book, painting, crochet item etc etc... Why were you so pleased with it?

Do you have a favourite Blog site, that you go to every time you sign on to your blog? (and no, I'm not angling for compliments and mentions, I would just like to know your real favourite!)

* * *

So that's the end of Part Two! Now I have to nominate five unfortunate blog friends, to join in with the challenge. I hope they will be happy to have a go and will forgive me!!

I have chosen Jo-Jo (back at you lol!!), Amy from Aus,  the lovely MayaSue in Dubai and lastly (but not least-lee - ha, ha!!) Lee from the USA - a truly international selection!


  1. I think the questions everyone is coming up with are just as fascinating as their answers! A fascinating read indeed.

  2. Agree with Sian...and love the Norfolk photos.

  3. Yep, I agree with Sian too! I'm really enjoying seeing these questions and answers going around at the moment, so interesting :-)

  4. Wonderful! Great questions :) Really enjoying reading all the linked blogs. Your pics are lovely. You'll find my answers tomorrow!

  5. I LOVE Wells next the Sea. I did lots of drawing and photography there...I also based all my beach hut stamps on the inspiration I got from there. It's so beautiful. I want to go again this summer...
    Lizzie, thanks to your efforts I am going to do a tutorial on my blog about lino cuts soon, I am preparing it now. I get asked questions all the time about it and it's about time I did a tute. So, you've inspired me~thank you {*}

  6. I can so relate to needing a beach "fix"!! Love relaxing. :-)

  7. Great pictures! Makes me want to go on a holiday there.

  8. I would say that I agree with Sian but, I have to answer them as well! ;-)
    I know exactly what you mean about the beach - I love to be near the water and it really is so calming.

  9. Thanks for choosing me Lizzie, it was fun to answer your questions and I am going to hop over to the others to see their answers too! Enjoyed reading yours and the lovely beach photos; guess I am very lucky to be able to look out of my windows and see the beach every day; try not to take this for granted!

  10. I enjoyed reading your answers and will post my answers later this week. Playing catch-up as you know :)


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