Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Meet Bella!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce....


Just finished today, she's the Monkey with the Mostest - in terms of cheek and attitude, at any rate! 

She started life as a pair of brown socks, with pink heels and toes.  Her head, body and legs are all one sock... Her nose is the heel part of sock #2 and her arms and loooong tail are also cut from the second sock.

The tail is cut from the whole length of the sock, toe to cuff, using the part that was left after the heel was cut out.  It is stiffened with a long chenille pipe-cleaner and has a little stuffing to give it more shape (boy did that stuffing take me ages - sitting with a long bamboo skewer, using the blunt end to push tiny bits of stuffing doooown that tail!).
That tail is long and bendy, can be twisted into shape and will stay there.  Bella can swing it and swing from it too. 
That tail is going to get Bella into a whole lot of trouble - I can just tell.

I introduced her to the Boys... Bro', as ever, was cool about it, but Mon looks pretty fed up in the photo. I don't think they hit it off very well.  I mean, you've heard of "Boogie in the Barnyard"?  Well, we've had "Dancin' in the Dinin' Room" and "Swingin' in the Sittin' Room", followed, I'm sorry to report, by "Chaos in the Craft Room". 

No-one is impressed (except Bella).  Even Sherlock is not happy - she biffed him in the nose and he sent her to Coventry!  Bella doesn't seem to mind though - she's happy in her skin (or should that be sock? hmm...).  She loves her green hair-bow and kneck-tie; she's happy with her ear-rings and her tail makes her squeal with glee.  She's a Happy Sock Monkey and intends to live life to the full. 

I daresay she'll settle down in a day or two.  The other Sock Pets will see to that - she'll be squashed a few times and that will sober her up a bit!
But you have to admit, she's cute!


  1. Love those colours, very cute! I made sock monkeys with the girls the other weekend and keep meaning to post them.

  2. She's adorable! I love her to pieces!!!

  3. I love the bow on the hat, the scarf and ESPECIALLY the earrings!

  4. Wow Bella is really beautiful! I love brown so the colours are just perfect! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have been having a tough time at work but hope things will be changing soon.

  5. She is adorable! I love the earrings!

  6. Oh, yes - very cute! Or even a bit sassy, with those earrings

  7. Bella is absolutely stunning, she really is.
    You are such a lovely blog visitor and I am such a terrible one. I visit and often don't comment and your comments are always so very thoughtful. I am going to try to do better, to comment rather than read and run!
    Thank you for the info on the osteopath - it just might be necessary. I hate to see him in pain.

  8. Oh my gosh! She is SO cute! My girls have a thing for sock monkeys. I will have to show them Bella when they get home from school They will go nuts.
    Too, too cute!

  9. She is adorable. Thanks for showing her off.

  10. LOL! What a great story, and I agree Bella is adorable!

  11. ahhhh! I love monkeys. She has to be my fav of the bunch. so sweet. xxx


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