Friday, 11 February 2011

Nearly Spring?

Note there are a couple of short videos at the bottom of this post, which seem to load a bit slowly. I suggest you scroll down to the first and set it loading, then read the first bit of text while you wait!

* * *

We're having a spell of mild weather; earlier in the week there were high winds and it was still pretty chilly, but for the past two or three days, we've had much milder weather and even sunshine on Tuesday (it rained all day yesterday). 

This morning I was in the kitchen, making breakfast/lunches etc.  Sherlock asked to go outside - he's been enjoying the weather also and spending chunks of time outside in the garden.  I opened the door to let him out and this is what was outside:

The sun was coming up behind our neighbours' houses, there was dew on the grass instead of frost, the border was filled with snowdrops and even an early iris.

Sherlock went scouting around the garden, enjoying the mild weather and hunting for mice!

The birds were singing and hopping around, having their breakfasts (you can hear a robin, chaffinches, blue tits, blackbird, starlings and even a collared dove cooing somewhere outside the garden).  If you'd like more information about British garden birds  follow the link!


This is our Robin, giving us his own little concert.  It sounds so lovely that I have included it despite the odd picture. (I'm sorry this is sideways - I forgot that I don't have any software that will edit videos and I turned my camera to "portrait"!)

Perhaps it will be cold and windy again tomorrow, or raining this afternoon, but it's mornings like this that remind me what I like about living in Eastern England! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by today and for always having such encouraging words!

    What a great surprise in your backyard! I love when spring pops its pretty head up! Enjoy!

  2. Lizzie, it must be wonderful to see the change in season - it has been a long and cold winter for you this year!

  3. It looks lovely! I hope spring sticks around!

  4. Ooh, lovely to see such pretty flowers popping up. Spring is a lovely season to look forward to. I will check out your videos later! Thanks so much for your kind messages on my blog. I was awake at 3am today, so should have a head start before the packers come in again! x

  5. We definitely have spring going on around here! We BBQ'd this afternoon.

  6. Hooray for birdsong, and hooray for signs of spring! :-)


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