Monday, 7 February 2011

I Won a Prize!

Hello All,

I wasn't going to post anything for a couple more days, as I still have a yukky cold (which isn't really very newsworthy!). On the mend though, after a lazy weekend (with no housework done for days, I feel a bit guilty, but it will have to wait until I don't get wheezy and dizzy from doing no more than loading the dishwasher!).

But I have been blog-hopping this evening and found that the awesome Megan and Jake at Nerd Nest have given me a prize! 

How exciting is this?  And yes, it is the same Nerd Nest who awarded me a great prize in a giveaway they had last spring.

* * * * Thanks Guys - You're wonderful. * * * *

(If you follow all the links here, you'll have a mini-adventure all for yourself!):-

If you have never visited the Nerd Nest blog, I would really recommend it.  Jake and Megan are a great couple, who have a gorgeous little girl and a new baby boy.   They write about all sorts of interesting things, such as their lovely thrift shop treasure finds, their home (was a great loft apartment, now a lovely new house!), fun music lists (Music Mondays), favourite movies, eclectic little bits & pieces, recipes, craft projects, books, as well as family news and adventures.  There is so much fabulousness squished into such a small space on their blog - they're definitely one of my favourites!

And for anyone who has visited recently and couldn't get their comments box to work - it has been fixed in typical Nerd Nest fashion!


  1. congrats lizzie. i love classes and to win one is brilliant. enjoy the new knowledge u gain,
    Jo xxx

  2. Congratulations Lizze :-) And, thanks for the link - I have not come across the site before.

  3. That's awesome Lizzie!!!! Going to check out those links... ;)

  4. We're so glad you won! You're our favorite follower (shhh... don't tell anyone.) :)

  5. OOh how fun, enjoy the class Lizzie! Must check out the blog. Have a great week, hope you feel much better soon x

  6. It sounds like a great prize :)

  7. Congratulations! That sounds really interesting :-)


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