Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shimelle's Scrapping Weekend - Add to the Story Challenge

Some of you may just have noticed a leeeeetle bit of fun going on, over at the fab Shimelle's blog?  
For those who have been sleeping too much since last Friday, Shimelle was hosting an Online Scrapbooking Weekend, with lots of Challenges, Tutorials, Sketches, Layouts.. oh, just fun really!

So, I thought I would have a go at some of the challenges, seeing as it was our Scrap Club weekend and I needed a break from all the book-binding and laundry!!

This is a page I made in June (using the prize kit that I also used for this layout), about a lovely afternoon out, that we shared with my niece and the little ones (blogged about here)

As well as the journalling on the left-hand side, there is now some "hidden" journalling, which I added after reading Shimelle's post for the "Add to the Story Challenge".  I had left a "pocket" behind the photo, where I thought I might add some notes... But then I didn't know what to write, as it was about feelings... you know, the things we tend to ignore and try not to journal about, in case anyone reads it...  

So, I got brave, found a matching journalling card and wrote down my secret message

Which, of course, I will not show you... because it is secret!

But please take the evidence of the journalling card, complete with matching inked edging, peeping out of the pocket, as proof that I did join in the challenge?  You will, won't you - 'cos you know I don't fib?

It was really nice to get the courage to do this.. I am grateful to Shimelle for the challenge.

And now I'm going to publish my post and put the link on Shimelle's Challenge Post - see you there!


  1. I love the color combination in this. The tones are really striking.

  2. Thanks Rinda! The photo of the layout is rather poor actually... it looks even better "in real life", but the light today was truly awful... it's been soo dark and dingy - more like winter!
    Maybe I will get a better version of this when the sun shines - then I will post that instead!

    Still, the colours are nice and zingy. I loved how the photo was bright and had that great red/green contrast; then I had the wonderful kit from my prize, with those colourful papers and embellishments - just right for this page! I just added the lettering and green cardstock from my stash and there we are...

    Glad you like the page! Your own colour choices are often so bright and happy - I'm glad this appealed to you too.

  3. What a lovely page,Lizzie....such beautiful colours. I have many pages that really need more journaling.

  4. I love the colours too Lizzie and I am always a fan of lots of journaling on our pages!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Lizzie. I just love the colours you have used.

  6. Others have got here before me - the colours are great, really striking. It's a fab combination!

    Although I really want to know what you wrote now ;)

  7. i love this page aunty!! i had a lovely day that day too xxxx

  8. Hurray for brave! Hidden journaling is the perfect answer for something like this. And I always love the idea that someone will find it years from now

  9. My first thought was that you used some of my favorite papers in this layout. Duh, then you told me why. Glad you are still getting enjoyment out of the kit - I like your scrapping style - and I'm a big fan of hidden journaling too.

  10. Thanks everyone, for lovely and encouraging comments!

    And Susanne, I am certainly enjoying my prize - see my latest post, for another page that made use of stuff from the Kit!


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