Thursday, 18 August 2011

Shimelle's Scrapping Weekend - Signature Accent Challenge

This weekend, Shimelle held a great Scrapbooking Challenge Weekend at her blog!

I decided to make the best of a day's scrapping at Scrap Club and I made / completed several pages (on Sunday and since), as part of the challenges.

A slightly loose connection, since I am not certain that I have one "signature accent" as such...  However, this page has four of the things I have been using most on my layouts in the past few months - circles mounted onto scalloped circles, something fancy done with ribbons, inked edges (on everything!) and hand-embellished/ hand-made lettering. 
The lettering is something I have always done - If I can't find some letters I like for my titles, I either embellish plain ones, or just cut out some from paper that I do like! 

I like ribbons and have fun fiddling with them in lots of ways - flowers, bows, double-layered strips with a slider decoration... and the technique on this page, made by cutting slots with a great little edge punch that I was given, then threading a narrow ribbon through, to make a decorative edging. I've used it several times and I love the effect.  It even looked good in black, just here!

And the scalloped circles are something I've had fun with several times.  I used them on the page about my Present from Deb (though to be fair, she made these as labels for the various sweeties etc in the parcel!); I made my own hand-printed lino-cut embellishments for this page... I just like sticking circles on my layouts!

And I've discovered that inking the edge of a photo, matt or other element for a page, really makes it stand out and gives it a "finished" look.  The edges of photos are often very white and they show up against the paper when you matt them; inked in a matching or contrasting colour, the photo suddenly "pops" on the page and somehow stands out much better. It just looks more complete somehow.  I like it anyway and use it A Lot.

So, this page has all four of those things - I think it therefore qualifies as a "Signature" layout for me; I hope you agree!


  1. And I would say that the ribbon almost takes on a 'binding' feel - the colour palette you have chosen it just delightful Lizzie, I really like the gentleness to the page and how it is soft and feminine without being overtly baby-ish.

  2. It's so beautifully soft! I'm so used to admiring your bookbinding skills that I hadn't really thought about you having a signature scrapbooking style. Interesting :)

  3. it's a beautiful LO, Lizzie! Inking the edges of everything is my 'thing' at the moment too!
    Alison xx

  4. I love the idea of inking the edges! Your ribbon work is just beautiful.

  5. It certainly does! and this is such a sweet LO. I love the scalloped edges and the beribboned edge - like a little blanket for a baby.

  6. Such a lovely sof tone to the page, perfect for that sweet baby. I have no idea what my scrapbook 'signature' is, so didn't take part in this challenge. Have enjoyed some of the others though.


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