Monday, 6 June 2011

The Prize Kit - First Scrap Page

I posted about a prize I won, from the wonderful Susanne of Snaps and Snippets.  The Kit was put together as part of the Counterfeit Kit Blog challenges.  This was Susanne's Version and she was offering it as a prize - which I was lucky enough to receive!

I was determined to make the most of a whole day's scrapping, at yesterday's Scrap Club and I set out to use some of these papers and letter stickers -  
along with some of the lovely embellishments that came with the kit.
There was lots more, but I won't include any more photos. 

If I could remember where the instructions are, I'd use one of the Photo Collage Templates I downloaded last month!! I just tried to make one and can't remember how to use it.  Obviously, I need to do a lot more of those, to make it stick. 

Anyone care to remind me where the instructions are to be found?  I'm sure someone out there (Amy? Sue?) knows how!  Duh...

Anyway, I had some great photos from last Saturday, when we all went to the park for a good run in the sunshine.  I chose four lovely pictures, of J and E. having a wonderful time on the big swing.  These go just right with the bright colours of the kit. 

Here's my finished Page - J. was responsible for choosing the words of the title - I think it was a good choice!

I love the zingy feel of this page. I don't often make such brightly coloured pages, but I'm sure I should do them more often. 
The photos are just too lovely not to scrap - J and E were having such a great time together, with much laughter and messing about.  They are such good friends and J is really quite good to E, considering he's a boy of 13 and she is only a tiny girl.  She seems to love him too and will happily join in his games.  She's a brave and adventurous girl anyway, so the big swing was a thing of excitement for her, not something to be scared of.  I love seeing them play together! 

The quote on the chipboard embellishment seemed really apt.  I will enjoy remembering those few minutes of our lives, when the children were so happily playing. I hope they will remember too. 

I started a second layout, using this kit.  I hope to finish it this week, in odd moments between book-binding projects.  I'll post it soon, with the other projects I was working on yesterday, which are nearly finished too!

Hope you're all having a good Monday.  


  1. They certainly are wonderful photos,Lizzie....and love how you've echoed the circles on your page.

  2. What a great idea for a give-away! I may counterfeit her idea! And I love the layout you created wit it.

  3. i loooooooove this LO and the kit is fabulous. i have looked at lots of the kits featured and seems like fun but not got around to hunting through my mammoth stash personally,
    jo xxx

  4. Fabulous page Lizzie, love the colours and the photos are just perfect for the papers you have chosen.

  5. Ah, those photos are so sweet, how lovely for them to be playing together so happily. I love the bright colours of the page, and that title is certainly very apt! x

  6. Great LO Lizzie...and you are right about the chipboard quote- perfect!
    Alison xx

  7. some of the best photos of my children are just snapped when we are having a simple afternoon out enjoying exploring or playing together, lovely LO and fabby kit I really want to try and have a go this month with creating my own counterfeit challenge kit!

  8. Amazing page! I especially love the circles.

  9. Thank you all! I never tried a "Counterfeit Kit" before, but now I'm thinking that I might have to make my own... Have you seen the kit they are Counterfeiting, for June? It's just fabulous - some of the guest bloggers have come up with great imitations from their own stash. I just might try it....
    Rinda, if you want to Counterfeit last month's kit, don't forget to take a look back to the original Kit also (that Susanne used as her starting point) - it was great!

  10. I remember thinking how much I loved that kit at the time - especially the embellishments. You are doing it proud!

    It wasn't Alexa's instructions for using a template you were thinking of was it?

  11. what a beautiful page. You should scrap in these colours more often, they are lovely! Your son seems like a real sweetie! xx

  12. It's a fabulous layout, Lizzie! Love the colours :)

  13. Wow, you are certainly rocking those supplies. I may have to scraplift you just so I can use up more of my kit. I'm so glad you are enjoying the kit.

  14. Those are some good moments, Lizzie. :) I've been sifting through piles and piles of photos at my mom's and the ones I love best are the ones like this. Informal, and full of life. :) Love the kit you got! xox Pam

  15. What a perfect LO for such lovely photos Lizzie, well done! I'm sorry I don't know here the collage instructions came from, but if you ever need any help with anything digi, just give me a yell! x

  16. ...and Thank You to the rest of you too!
    Susanne, I love the Kit and I'm so happy to have won it, thank you! I have a second page on the go... posting it soon! By all means "scraplift" my page - I don't mind and the circles were the idea of someone at Scrap Club last Sunday, so I kind-of Scraplifted some of it myself!

    Sue, thank you for offering to help - I'll squeak if I get stuck again; Sian, yes it was Alexa's instructions I meant and I found the post again, thank you! (
    Also, Amy was kind enough to e-mail me some help and a great template design too!
    And thanks to everyone else for encouraging and nice comments.
    Aren't I a lucky blogger?

  17. Great layout, the photos certainly go so well with the papers and I love the ingy feel to the whole thing


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