Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday Worktable 29th June

I've had such a busy period, over the last couple of months.  I've been binding books, then more books,  also planning and teaching workshops (sock monkeys and bookbinding); with the odd bit of scrapbooking thrown in, to stop me getting bored!

Today, this is what has been going on in my Studio:

A pile of Pages, all ready to be bound into books of various kinds.  There are two Wedding Guest books here, plus several sets of stiff pages for large Photo Albums.  The books are orders and gifts, but I hope to make a couple of extras soon, to add to my shop stock!

Four sets of book covers, wrapped in non-stick paper, then placed under boards and weights to dry and flatten.

These are the four pairs of covers, that I made today.  The top two are Wedding Guest books, for customers.  The bottom two pairs will be photo albums.

So, guess what I'll do tomorrow?  How about a spot of Book Binding? Wedding Guest Books tomorrow morning!


  1. Oh I love the look of the spotty one and the flowery one on the bottom!
    Alison xx

  2. all very pretty, lizzie,
    jo xxx

  3. It is wonderful news that you are so busy Lizzie ... and, I'm glad you still find a little time for scrapbooking here and there!

  4. There are always such pretty projects in the works on your desk; love getting a peek!


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