Saturday, 18 June 2011

Where I Have Been...

I haven't been blogging much recently.  I just haven't had the time - or when I did have time, I had no energy.  You may have noticed me pop up occasionally, with a comment on one of your blog posts, but I admit I have not been a very good Blog Friend recently...  Sorry!
I have been Busy... I really have!  My small bookbinding business has suddenly taken off and I have had Work To Do! 

I'm not a very organised person;  nor do I have much stamina. For me, it is a challenge to run the household, do housework, help DS organise his life, help DH with bits of his own life, keep the laundry and grocery shopping up to date.  Somewhere I need to also fit in the outstanding decorating and clutter-clearing tasks...

Then there is my mum, who needs varying amounts of my time and assistance, depending on her own state of health.  She has had another series of nurse / dr appointments recently, which have taken up a couple of mornings a week; I also do her "Monday jobs" every Monday morning - collect her pension, pick up her prescription and then drop back round to the dr with the new prescription for next week, collect the eggs from Mrs B. in the village, pay the newspaper bill (once a month), help hang out / bring in laundry, make her bed and take away the sheets for washing at my house, occasional bits of shopping, other little jobs...There are often other jobs or appointments to fit in too. 

So, I have a full-time job already... Then I start a Business from Home! 

Hum... sometimes I wonder Why? Why did I do this?  Why tie up 3 or more days per week, that I could use for all those other things?   Why remove them from my "available" calendar and say "I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday"?

But, on days like today, when I just took two completed Wedding Guest books to the Post Office and sent them on their way; weeks like this week, last week, the week before, when I have finished lots of books, I know why...

16-photo Template, kindly sent to me by Amy
These are 16 of the books that I have made since February.  Most of them have been commission books, made and sold in the last 3 months.  

And I still have orders on the go, for four large books and one set of 16 pocket notebooks, for wedding favours! 

I have had such a great three months, working on all this.  I feel very lucky and quite blessed. 

Why? Because I have this God-given ability to create, coupled with a desire to make beautiful things; because I so enjoy making things that will give pleasure to others; and I love to have my hard work appreciated - so Wedding albums and other books are an ideal vehicle for my creative talents; because I have been sent all these wonderful, lovely customers, who have patiently and enthusiastically embraced the process of imagining and designing a special item for themselves - which has made my job so much easier and more joyful; because I have been able to produce these beautiful and useful items and send them out, all over the world, to carry that joy with them. 

So, this is where I have been, the last few weeks, while I have not been blog-hopping (much) or commenting (much).  There just haven't been enough hours in the day, for me to keep up with everything; blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat.  I'm sorry to have missed many of the things going on in my friends' parts of the world; I am sorry that I have been unable to join in with some of the great group activities going on; but I am oh, so glad that I've had this wonderful Springtime, full of creativity and joyfulness, improving, experiencing and sharing my craft!

I truly feel that my talent for books has been given to me, so that I can share a little joy with the world! It has made me so happy!

So, where have you all been? Have you been doing anything special that I have missed?  Tell me where to go, so I can catch up a bit! 

Thanks for coming here to read my post - and for bearing with me while I have been "too busy" to take much time out.  I do miss my blog friends; I will try to plan more blog-time into my week from now on.


  1. Lizzie I am so excited for you that your book binding business is so successful - and that I get to share it vicriously via your blogging

  2. You certainly fill every hour in every day - no wonder you don't get to blog-hop every day! Those books are truly works of art, and it must be so satisfying to send one off and know what pleasure it will bring to the person who ordered it.

  3. You have been busy,Lizzie....and making such beautiful books. Your customers must be so pleased with them.

  4. It's wonderful to hear that your books are so popular - and of course you must spend time on them because it makes you happy and gives pleasure to others at the same time. Nice post!

  5. Lizzie,
    Your books are beautiful! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I use to find color combos for our blog hops. I love how they lay out the colors as well! Congrats again on your booming business!!

  6. Lizzie, your books are so lovely, and I am very happy things are taking off for you - that is fabulous!!!!!!
    Don't forget to sneak a nap in now and then. :) Xox Pam

  7. Well done - how lovely to be able spending time doing what you love. I hope the business continues from strengh to strenth

  8. it is gr8 that the business is doing so well and ur talents are being recognised. u have a distinct style and i am so excited for u. i have been scrapbooking as much as i can and making minibooks.
    oh and i got the simply homemade owl thingy the other day you found,
    jo xxx

  9. Congrats on all of the business! Your books are lovely :)

  10. Blogging is meant to be fun,so please don't worry about keeping up, everyone understands :). Well done on your business, it's so lovely to hear how successful it is.

  11. I'm thinking that it is a good thing that you are too busy to blog - you've been caring for others and being creative for yourself through your business - don't worry about all of us who like to see what you are doing. You can catch up with us when you can.

  12. I think it is wonderful that you have had all this beautiful work to do - it obvioulsy makes you very happy and then you have lots of lovely things to show and tell!

  13. Hi Lizzie ~ Your work is so beautiful, and yes, you have been blessed with an amazing talent. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat, believe...I know this! You are always so good to come around and leave a lovely comment now and then, so don't worry about not visiting with every post. I know the feeling though, and it feels a little strange to feel out of the loop or a bit behind.

    Keep on binding though! It's what you are meant to do. xo

  14. You have quite a bit on your plate! No wonder you're busy. I think it's terrific that your business has taken off, and I say "ride that dog while you can!"

  15. Wow, you do seem busy! A massive well done for doing so well with your business, how lovely.
    Thank you so much for the kind comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated. x

  16. Hooray, good for you! What beautiful, beautiful books :)

    I've fallen behind in my blog-reading lately too, though I'm hoping to get back up-to-date this evening. I don't think you've missed anything vital on my blog, though there should be a post later this week that will interest you! ;)

  17. So glad to hear how well the business is doing Lizzie..and how much you're enjoying your work. Remember to have some 'you time' sometimes though!
    Alison xx

  18. That's wonderful news Lizzie:) You deserve every success with your beautiful books xx

  19. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Your time has been well spent, indeed. What lovely, lovely books! I'm a fan. 100%.

  20. I'm so glad that the books are going well, i'm not surprised as they are gorgeous! It's so hard juggling everything some times, but i'm so pleased that you make time to create your wonderful books. Best of luck for the future Lizzie x

  21. Okay, so now I am SMILING! Big Smile! Happy... thank you everyone, for the lovely kind comments!


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