Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Great BIG Cupboard

Woo-Hoo!  Finally we have put together my new cupboard!  It is huge... enormous... gigantic! 
This is a wardrobe carcass, from Ikea, with three packs of shelves inside, instead of a hanging rail etc. 
This is the stuff I have put away so far - but I reserve the right to shuffle it all around, about twenty times, before I decide exactly where it all goes best!

At the very bottom, are the A1-size storage bags, with most of my book-binding paper supplies, plus some sheets of boards, for book covers.  These have been clogging up the floor of my bedroom wardrobe, since 28th February (see this post if you don't know why!)
Above that are boxes of fabrics, felt and some materials for my sock-creature courses. 

In the middle, for now anyway, there are pizza-boxes of paper, scrapping project bits, mini-albums and chipboard embellishments.  This may all change round - I have another of those big white boxes under my desk, which needs organising!
The two white plastic boxes above that are for tools - bookbinding and scrapping etc - and general "bits", of the type that create so much clutter on my desk, shelves etc.  These all still need a lot of organising. I am thinking of ways to put the things in the boxes, without it resulting in chaos!
The shelf above these is for scrapping and crafting materials, such as paper pieces, embellishments of all sorts, brads & eyelets, grommets, studs, ribbon bits, stickers, feathers, flowers... just stuff really!

The second shelf from the top holds some A4-size (letter size) white boxes, with various papers, quilling and origami papers, templates, bits of vellum, film, metallic paper, special paper (like stuff to make your own rub-ons, which I had forgotten about), shrink plastic sheets.... There's also my quilling kit, a tin of card-toppers, a stack of petal-point ink sets, my sewing basket and a few other bits.

At the very top are papers that are rolled, rather than flat (though I aim to tackle this, as rolling isn't good for paper), also rolls of hand-made bookcloth, leather pieces, baking parchment, waxed paper, bondaweb sheets...  These are all tucked into a large, stiff paper bag, from a boutique shop (you know, the bags that make you glad you went shopping there, because it's such fun to carry your stuff home!).  The large grey box holds my "Stock" - the ready-made books and stuff that are currently on sale in my Etsy shop. 

So that's it so far.  Lots to do though.  There are still loads of things hanging around my studio, that have to be organised, sorted and put away.  I am keen to have everything on the shelves set up so it's easy to get at things - especially the stuff I use often .  There are some large spaces at the back of the shelves, behind some of the boxes, as the cupboard is very deep.  This means I can store less-used items at the back, also in the gaps between the white drawers etc.  I just want a way to keep items together, so I don't have to take out lots of little things, just to reach one item.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of messy areas in the studio...
... like this corner, for example...
...and my desk is a tip!  Tidying up always seems to make more mess to begin with!  This must be sorted out, as I have more orders to make as soon as possible. 

But tomorrow, I'm having a day off and going to Scrap Club.  I certainly need a break!


  1. That looks just what I need, and I know what you mean about mess when tidying!

  2. I am loving your storage. I have just ordered new units from Ikea too and can't wait to change round my storage to give me more much needed space.
    Why is it that whatever space we have the things always expand to fill it!

  3. yes u obviously subscribe to my style of gets worse before it gets better. enjoy ur day off
    jo xxxx

  4. Oh my! What a wonderful sight. Would love something like that.

  5. It is very theraputic when you start getting some order in your work room - I bet it felt brilliant!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it is really appreciated! Love Annie xx

  6. Oh what fun! I so love organising my 'stuff' and creating new space and storage. I have lots of those IKEA units in my home, they are perfect for storage and I may buy more for my craft materials. I wrote about it on my blog yesterday as I am also in the throws of redesigning my work area. It's amazing what things you find, and that you forgot you bought. Looking forward to seeing your completed cupboards.

  7. Now there's a serious cupboard - enjoy the organization it brings. No doubt you'll be moving things around - so many possibilities to try out.

  8. Hooray! That looks great, Lizzie :) And part of the fun is shuffling and rearranging! Enjoy Scrap Club xx

  9. It looks great Lizzie, I do feel better after a good sort out! :)

  10. This is very inspiring! I seriously need to organize my work area. I have an area in our bedroom, but it is oozing out to all parts of the room. How did I get so much 'stuff'? LOL! And I agree, I think the trick is HOW to organize all of it. I have everything under the Sun in there. Your desktop looks like mine does all the time. :)) xox! Pam

  11. Brilliant storage, and you'd clearly been giving it some wellie! Hope you can enjoy some creative fun too ...

  12. Good grief it must have been scary when it all came down but the silver lining is new storage and finding things you'd forgotten about. I'm glad you were not home alone when it happened. Enjoy the process of sorting!


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