Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday Worktable 12th October - Books Again!

A quick peek at what is going on in my studio this week...

Well, a fair bit of admin actually, but that's not very interesting, so...
A Guest Book, completed today.  It's covered with Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric (made into bookcloth), with the design "Strawberry Thief", by William Morris. This is the purple colour-way, which is my favourite.  I used damson coloured tussah silk for the bound edges, fraying the edge to make a black fringe.  The covers have a hinge and are bound in a Japanese-style stab stitch, with black linen.
There's a silk dust-wrap under the binding, to give a decorative edge. I really like this effect - it gives the appearance of a "spine" on the book, yet you still have the lovely oriental-style binding patterns.
The book covers are lined with art paper (by Murano), in a slatey, grey-brown colour.  There are 24 pages (48 sides) of white 200gm - med. weight - cartridge paper, which is great for writing on.

This one's in my Etsy shop now, but this...
this is still In Progress!

Here's a clue:
Under all those boxes, are the covers for a new book, being nicely flattened!

It's going to be Great!


  1. Jacky took the words right out of my mouth! That is beautiful Lizzie :o) My favourite colours too.

  2. Love how it turned out! Very pretty!

  3. These colours are just gorgeous ... I am a total convert to this colourway. :) The binding is so interesting. :)

  4. Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Hope you are having a great WOYWW.

    xoxo Marjo

  5. That's how I do things to when I am a busy girl :) Your books are beautiful. I have a few how to make and plan to explore it in more detail in the future. I am hoping to fill the boxes with goodies (at least some of which will be home-made yummies!) Christmas is on a limited budget this year hence boxes and bags! We often end up showing completed projects rather than actual desks to so don't worry - lovely to have you along.

  6. That colourway is beautiful indeed. It's a work of art!

  7. That covering is absolutely gorgeous!
    Alison xx

  8. Oh, wow - what a stunning book! That fabric is gorgeous :) I so love seeing your books! xx

  9. Beautiful book Lizzie. William Morris must have been brilliant.

  10. Beautiful book and the William Morris pattern is fabulous. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #53

  11. I have a couple of books of his work, just needed some inspiration to get me started , thank you, its wonderful


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