Monday, 24 October 2011

Bloggers' Crafting Weekend - The Plan so far...

An update for those who are attending our Bloggers' Crafting Weekend, from 25th - 27th November.

Also a heads-up for anyone who missed the Invitation first time round and might still like to come along - it's likely that there will still be a couple of spaces available, if you get in touch with me!
 Follow this link for more details.

The Current Plan

At the moment, this is the plan for our weekend.  Changes can be made, ideas can still be incorporated and nothing - except the YHA mealtimes - is set in stone.  If you have a clever idea for something we might all enjoy, do please say so!

Friday 25th November

Arrivals from around 1pm onwards. 
We have booked the a classroom/conference room, separate from the main hostel.  This will be our Craft Room base for the weekend, where we can set up our stuff and all meet up, to craft, chat, eat cake etc!

Friday Afternoon
All meet up and say hello!  We can then start Crafting and having fun, until dinner time, when we'll all eat together in the YHA dining room.

Friday Evening
Craft as much as we like, until we are tired and want to sleep - at which point, we can go to bed and sleep!!

Saturday 26th November

Breakfast in the YHA dining room.

Saturday Morning
Crafting and chat etc in our Craft Room
A Visit to a nearby Interesting Place is planned for the morning - a couple of hours or so of exploring somewhere in the interesting Ironbridge area.  Anyone who doesn't want to go, can remain in the Craft Room and craft all day!

Buffet-style lunch together - everyone will bring a little something to share for lunch - and of course, there will be Cake!

Saturday Afternoon
Crafting and chat etc in our Craft Room.
During the afternoon, I am hoping to offer a short Bookbinding Workshop, to anyone who wants to join in.  I am still sorting out details, but I will show you how to make a nice book to take home  - something you will be able to make again by yourself.  Any preferences for type of book - please let me know!

We will all have dinner together in the YHA dining room.

Saturday Evening
Our Craft Room will be available for anyone who wants to get together and craft.  Craft 'til bedtime, if you wish!
The hostel also has a lounge with a tv and a games room, so you can go and enjoy these facilities if you prefer.

Sunday 27th November

Breakfast in the YHA dining room.

Sunday Morning
Crafting and chat etc in our Craft Room

Clair has offered to do a short Gift-Wrapping demonstration/tutorial:

"If anyone's interested, I would absolutely love to do a quick demonstration of how I approach my gift wrapping. I like to use my own scrapbooking supplies and I'll often make use of smaller scraps, so nothing is wasted - it's a great way to personalise your gifts for special people or special events!"
I will forward the information Clair has e-mailed me, to all who are signed up for our weekend, so you can decide if you want to join in and gather up any materials you wish to bring along.  If you haven't seen Clair's clever skills at gift-wrapping, have a look here or here, try this post, or this one, to see some of her fabulous hand-made embellishments!  I'm sure this wrapping demo will be great!

Anyone who prefers to, can carry on with their own crafting projects - nothing is obligatory, we are there to be with friends and enjoy ourselves.  No-one will be offended if you prefer to do your own thing!

Buffet-style lunch together

Sunday Afternoon
We have to check out of our bed-rooms in the morning; however the Craft Room will be available for anyone who wants to stay and craft, until around 5pm.   Some people will need to head off home, especially those with a long journey to make, but anyone who wishes to can stay on until the end!

Sunday Night
Crawl into your own bed, hopefully feeling that you have had a lovely time, with plenty of photos to scrap!

Anyone who hasn't booked yet, but now wants to join in?  Get in touch - I think there may still be spaces!

We will be in touch with those attending very soon.


  1. Yay! It fast approaches :) Can't wait! Thanks for all your organisational input xx

  2. Aw, Liz. Thanks so much for all of the links to my blog and for all of your kind words. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone x

  3. Wow, that just looks like too much fun. Too bad I live in the midwest of the United States! Don't think I could talk my husband into this, lol!

  4. Looks like you have a lovely plan Lizzie, bit far for me to come {sad face}. Oh well, I look forward to reading about it all on your blog. I loved the bottle cap embellies on Clair's blog, super cute; thanks for that too! x

  5. I would have loved to join you all Lizzie, but I'm just not brave enough to drive that far!
    I will certainly share my little notebook, once it's finished. Thankyou for posting such a detailed tutorial.

  6. Looking forward to it already! Thank-you for making it already feel special and festive! And yes, a gift wrapping class would be great. :)

  7. Sounds fab-a-dab-a-dozie, thanks for organising it all :-)

  8. *sigh* I wish I could come, I'm totally jealous.

    When? When is the next one?!!!

    I hope it goes brilliantly :D


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