Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Odd Sox Rox - Totally!

Hello Blog Friends,  sorry I've been away for a while. I have been pretty busy, but also had one of those blog-breaks that happen from time to time... No lack of material, but a definite lack of inspiration!

But here I am, back again, like the provervial Bad Penny!

To tell you about an Event that Happened this morning.

For a bit of background...  You may not know, but I have a Page on Facebook - called, funnily enough, "LizzieMade" (you can find it here, if you fancy a look - feel free to "Like" my page, it will make me smile anyway!) .  Sooooo.... Anyways, I follow a number of other folks' Pages from my own, including a lot of artists and crafty folks, who make fab and wonderful stuff.  A few times, I have bought something from one or two of these people - either from their shops on Etsy, Folksy or BigCartel etc, or direct through their Facebook Page. 

One of these people is Louise, proprietor of Odd Sox Rox, maker of  "Original stuff made from socks."  - she has a shop here

Odd Sox is not the place to find a cute sock bunny (though, as you will see, Cute does occasionally happen there).  You won't find a monkey or a giraffe, elephant or bear... But she makes and sells the fabbiest Sock Creatures in the whole world, so it doesn't matter if the traditional toys are not featured!

So, to return to This Morning:

The doorbell rang and the Post Lady was there, with two dark pink parcels for me.  Cue happy dancing, as I had forgotten!

Once I had (nicely!) got rid of the post lady, I hurried to open them and then to find my camera, to record the Event:

What was Inside the packages...
This adorably cute little person, is a Bug.  She is my very own - I chose her from a basketful - and she is the Best Bug in the Basket.   See the note on the back of that postcard in the previous picture?  That shows how Important my Bug is.
She has cute little Buggy Wings....
...and a little heart-shaped pocket, just right for tucking a note inside - or holding a folded-over notice like the one above.

That was the first parcel.  There were also some very nice cards, with envelopes, as I had paid for two lots of postage (2 orders on the same day), but Louise felt I should have only paid for one; so she sent me a pressie (or two... wait and see!)

Parcel Two

First of all, out fell this sweet little heart.  He says his name is Clive - who am I to argue? Welcome Clive, to your new home!
Then this Person! 
This is a Grump.  You can tell because he looks like one.  He is a Grump and Proud of it!
I don't know his name - he doesn't seem to have one.  DS will help him to choose one later.
The trouble with being a Grump, is that grumpiness is your natural state.  But, hey! I know other people who don't like having their photo taken (in fact, I have an excellent photo somewhere, of my mum and grandma, at my sister's wedding... point a camera at them, and they immediately began to look as if it was a funeral, rather than a wedding - yet they were all smiles before and afterwards. Hey-ho! )
So, anyway, grumpy being his version of Normal, this Grump found it hard to pose for a photo shoot.
He did try - I'm sure he did...

I thought it was time to introduce the new members of the household to the Studio and its other inhabitants.  I started with Zombie Monkey.  He's been a bit lonely the past week, because all his friends - Bella, Elvis the Teddy-Bear, Apres-Ski Bunny, White Bichon Puppy and Doggy - are at Tudor Rose (the sewing shop), being "models" for my Sock Creatures workshop day in January.  They are supposed to look cute and drum up trade.  Zombie Monkey isn't good at being cute.  Besides, he had work to do last night, so I couldn't let him go away. 
I thought they would like to meet each other.
In spite of the challenges he faces, Zombie Monkey is primarily a kind and friendly creature.  He doesn't like to see anyone else feeling sad.  He tried a kind word or two, a friendly gesture.
Mixed results, I think.  Our Grump didn't run away, but he seemed a bit bemused. 
I introduced him to the Shelf, where Zombie Monkey lives and works. 
You can see that Zombie Monkey is doing his best to be welcoming.
The Grump seemed less unhappy after being reunited with Clive.
The meeting between Zombie Monkey and Bug was more successful. I think they like each other.  Bug just needs to be loved - and Zombie Monkey does his best to be kind to those smaller than himself.
I think, in time, they will all settle down happily together... 

Thank you to the wonderful Odd Sox Rox, for my fab new Sock Things! 


  1. A heart called Clive! I like that.

  2. Well - that's my kind of cute!

  3. WElcome back! And what a great post for your re-arrival.

  4. They are fab! And I love their little story.

  5. all just too cute! What great post! Looking forward to hearing more about the bloggers weekend away soon... v exciting xxx

  6. Wow... what a lovely blog post all about little ol' odd sox *blushes*

    (also, so glad that they arrived safe and sound)

    :) xxx

  7. I am sure he will be happy in his own grumpy way now that he has found a home with you.

  8. Hope the newcomers have settled now!
    Alison xx

  9. Great post. They look so comfy in their new home

  10. Awwww I love Grump poor little guy he is fab :) They are all great off to have a peek at Odd SoxRocks now :)

  11. Odd Sox definitely Rox! I love the Grump, he is adorable. Very happy mail indeed :o)

  12. This is such a great post, Lizzie. I had to laugh at your adorable photos with your sock buddies posing together. HAHA. The looks on their faces, and the way you have them posed tells the story itself. Classic! :o)

  13. Aw what an adorable story Lizzie, I think Grump is totally adorable. Love how his arms are folded; hope they have all settled in!!! x

  14. What a great series of photos! Zombie Monkey is such a dear! And Clive, Bug, and The Grump have got lucky stars to be in such a good home! They are all just too adorable! I hope you continue to post about their adventures! xo
    Den Mother


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