Friday, 11 November 2011

Facebook Sales

I have made my first sales directly through Facebook.  I decided to have a go at this, so set up a Photo Album, with pictures of ready-made books for sale.  I don't think I really publicised it enough - you need to keep flagging things on FB, as everyone's homepage shows lists of all their "Likes" or "Friends" comments and items, which change all the time.

However, I had a request from another crafter, The Pink Fairycake, to make her a Cup Cake Notebook.  I made this:

Cupcake Journal, A4 size, with plain pages and decorated covers. 
The patterned papers wrap round onto the back cover.  It has a wrap-round ribbon fastener, with a vintage button.  There is a decorative pink tassel on the spine.
It has decorative end-papers, to match the cover trims, plus a pink ribbon book-mark, with a yellow tassel.

The customer was very pleased with this - as was I.  I think it turned out really quite nice!

Following on from this, another Facebook person has asked me to make a similar special book, as a gift for her friend, a musician.  She wanted something for her to write lyrics in and liked the cover of this 6" square scrapbook:
She didn't want a square book, but one that was A5 size, like the cupcake book.  It was to have lined pages and her friend likes green. So I came up with this:
Musician's Notebook, with decorative panel on front cover.
The cover is stiff black card, with a wrap-round panel of apple green art paper.  There is a metal button, with wrap-round pale green ribbon to fasten the book.  It has lined pages - it is very difficult to find A4-width lined sheets, so I cannibalised some exercise books. There are just under 150 pages altogether, so I think the owner will be able to write plenty of her lyrics in this book.

The customer says she likes it and I'm just waiting for her payment to go through, so I can trot off to the Post Office again! 

I'm learning how to flag my stuff on Facebook, so I hope my new Photo Album of Christmassy stuff will begin to get a bit of attention - I might make some more sales!


  1. Congratulations. I've looked at your facebook link and the books are lovely. Shame I've already got my JYC album sorted

  2. Love the cupcake notebook especially!
    Alison xx

  3. well done on sales!! very hard to achieve, especially over the "ether"!!

  4. They both turned out lovely! Congrats on the sales and hope your will get more!

  5. Congrats! YOu're really doing great on internet sales.

  6. Oh these are lovely Lizzie, so glad you are finding other avenues for selling your adorable books! x

  7. Those books are both so much fun, my cupcake-obsessed friend LOVES the cupcake one funnily! Nice to hear that you are getting some good results from facebook, I will have to explore that avenue soon. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. These are all lovely. I'm so looking forward to your class at the retreat x

  9. Many congratulations! These notebooks are very pretty and I am sure the owners and givers will get a lot of pleasure. More power to your elbow!

  10. Belated congratulations, Lizzie :) I've just had a quick catch up over here - need to go back and examine your Herman post more closely though, I might need to be welcoming my own Herman into our home at some point!


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