Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Happy Bloggiversary to Meeeee!

I just went to look and see the date of my very First Blog Post.. Because I knew it was around the beginning of November 2009, that I started this Blog, as part of Shimelle's "Blogging for Scrapbookers" course. 

It was... 2nd November 2009, to be exact!  Which makes today my Second Bloggiversary! Yay!
Last year, in honour of our First Bloggiversaries, me, Jo and quite a few of our Blog Friends (29 of us actually!), had a Party.  It was a blog-hop, held on the Saturday closest to the start of the first BfS course the year before.  Many of the blog friends me and Jo had made, were through BfS.  In fact, I met Jo through her blog, while we were both taking part in the course.  

I am so glad I took up the challenge and joined in with BfS.  It gave me the encouragement to start a blog (my second, but the first was not a success, being in the "wrong place").  I also got lots of information and helpful hints from the great course that Shimelle produced for us.  To date, I have written almost 300 posts, on a variety of subjects, including home, family, friends, holidays and celebrations, my studio (and it's trials & tribulations!), scrapbooking, crafting, book-binding, my Etsy shop, sock pets, teaching... oh, lots of stuff.

But most importantly, I "met" so many fab people, as a direct result of keeping my blog going.  It's been a great two years of blogging - and I plan on continuing for as long as I feel like it!

And, later this month, I will be meeting up - for real - with nine of those Blog Friends, at Coalport YHA near Telford, for a weekend of crafting, chat, cake (of course!) and relaxing.  I am getting excited about this now - and will soon be contacting all those who are coming, to tie up loose ends and finalise any arrangements.  Watch your e-mail in-boxes!

Of course, if you are available on the 25th-27th November and can make it to Telford, there is probably still time for you to join in.  The hostel is quiet at this time of year, so there may be a bed for you.  If you want to join us, give me a shout (e-mail lizziemade (at) aol (dot) com).  See the sidebar for a link to the post with all the details, plus a list of "who is going"! 

Meanwhile, if you fancy a bit of fun, you could try re-reading last year's Blog Party posts, or have a look at my little story of yesterday's fun here at LizzieMade.

And it just remains for me to say a Huge, Enormous and Grateful Thank You, to all my Blog Friends and Followers - long-term and brand new.  I value everyone who takes the time to drop in and read my posts - regularly, or occasional - and I love to read your comments.  Starting my blog was one of the best things I ever did - and that is all down to my Blog Friends (which means you)!


  1. I can't believe it has only been two years! In some ways it feels like a life time ago since November 2009, I feel as thopugh my friends are people I have know for much more than two years.

    Congratulations Lizzie, it is always a pleasure to see your posts in my reader and your comments are thoughtful, considerate and a pleasure to read.

  2. Happy second birthday! So looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks it is exciting! Here's to the next year of Lizzie Made xxx

  3. Happy Blogiversary Lizzie. Congratulations on 2 whole years of blogging. BFS is a great class and I'm so glad I did it this time around.

  4. Happy, happy bloggiversary, Lizzie! You have done some amazing things over the past couple of years: well written posts, amazing works of art, and thoughtfully written comments on your blog-friend's blogs.

    I with you many more happy blogging years, my friend. xo!

  5. Time has flown past! I can't believe that it's a year since the anniversary blog party?! and two years since the class. I'm right there with you, because I started my blog on 28th October that year. here's to many more happy years of blogging (and to a hugely successful crafting weekend!)

  6. Many congratulations Lizzie...there's always something interesting on your blog!
    Alison xx

  7. Happy Blogiversery! Best wishes for many repeats with wonderfully inspiring years in-between! :)

  8. Happy Blog anniversary! How fun! Love your post today and wish you another year of blogging fun. Thanks for your comment today...loved it :)

  9. Happy blogiversary! That blog hop was fun! :) We should all do it again next year! :)

  10. Happy blogiversary! Was it 2 years ago?? Time flies! :)

  11. Many congratulations! It's always lovely to both come here and to read your comments in other places too :). So looking forward to meeting you for real!

  12. Happy bloggiversary! That is so nice you have a blog community. Makes me want to cross an ocean and join you. =]

  13. Happy Bloggiversary Lizzie, I am sure glad I found your blog, its lovely! x


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