Thursday, 26 January 2012

Finished Projects

This week, I've completed two books, in between the rushing around, getting ready for a Special Trip tomorrow.
The white silk and purple suede Wedding Guest Book for my friends, who are getting married in Mauritius in a few days' time.  I posted about this on January 12th, when I had got started on the covers etc, but it was finally completed this week, with a label mounted on the front.

The guest book has covers of white dupioni silk hand-lined bookcloth, with purple suede edge and a matching satin ribbon decoration.  The white tassel is hand-tied, using threads from the white silk for the covers, plus a toning purple silk embroidery thread.  Inside there are 40 pages of high-quality white paper, with hand-torn edges and decorative folded section wraps/spacers. 
Stitching the binding...
The completed Coptic binding, in purple waxed linen thread.

* * *

I also made a gift for a friend...
Coptic bound sketchbook, with magenta-purple hand made lokta paper covers, embellished with grey suede leather.  Stitching in black linen thread.  Contains 40 pages of quality sketch paper.
The back cover.  Isn't this paper lovely?
Inside the front cover.  As this was lokta paper, rather than fabric, or patterned papers, I lined the covers with the same paper, trimming it so it could be folded over the end of the board and stuck down over the inside too.  I left some of the suede showing though, as I liked it.
When I use silk for the edge detail, I almost always overlap the silk onto the paper, so I can make a decorative frayed edge.  The traditional way is to lay the main cover paper over the quarter binding edges, but I like the decorative appeal of the frayed edges. 
However, this paper is hand made, with a wonderful uneven edge. So I overlapped the edge of the paper onto the suede, to show it off.  I think it looks so interesting.
Because it has a coptic binding, the sketchbook will open flat all the way through.  Great for a sketchbook, as you can sit it on your lap, or lay it on a wall etc, keeping both hands free for your work.  And, of course, you can draw all the way across the double page, if you want to.
I made a matching label, which I printed with the artist's name, before I mounted it permanently.  However, I don't want to show a picture with the name on - the new owner might see this post, before I give them the gift.  I do want it to be a nice surprise!

So the Wedding Guest Book was in the post and should have arrived by now.. I so hope my friends love it!
And... the sketchbook will be finding its new owner very soon.  It's currently on my desk, all nicely gift-wrapped.

* * *

I probably won't be blogging for a while, as I may not have internet access.  Tomorrow morning (at an unfeasibly early hour!) I am off to do some printmaking courses, with the amazing Mariann Johansen-Ellis, at her studios in Spain.  I am just a little bit excited about this!

I'll report back about the printmaking on my return... 

Have a good week.  See you all soon. XX  


  1. Both books are lovely! The silk one is so striking - just amazing.
    Have a ton of fun at the print making class! Can't wait to see the results.

  2. safe journey and enjoy the crafting. love the books as always,
    Jo xxx

  3. Gorgeous books! I am sure your friend will be delighted. Looking forward to seeing the prints.

  4. Oooo, that feather material is BEAUTIFUL! love the look of both of them.
    Oooo, a trip away to spain, you lucky monkey, especially with fun crafting while there.

  5. Oh they are so beautiful! I'm a bit of a purple fan (never use it really though) and I love suede so these are just wonderful to me. I'm sure they will be treasured.

  6. Gorgeous books. Hope you have a lovely trip to Spain.

  7. Your print making sounds fab - have a great trip - I love both your books, they look stunning!


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