Thursday, 19 January 2012

Invitation to Friends - 3 days of crafting, anyone?

Okay, so this is a quick post, as I'm supposed to be Working Hard!

I have been trying - in between book binding and workshop writing - to find a venue for a second Bloggers' Weekend...  No luck so far, but I will try again next week. 

However, it occurred to me that Knuston Hall might be able to help.  They had e-mailed subscribers (that means me!), to say that a course was cancelled, so some rooms were available etc.  I thought perhaps they might have a long weekend with no courses, in the Spring (a bit of a long shot, but worth a try).  So I rang them. 

They only have free weekend spaces in February.  No good, as far too soon and I'll be in Spain!  But, but but...  From Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th April, there are rooms available.  On a special deal...  And Mr LizzieMade says he would take time off work to be at home for J.  How lucky am I?!

If anyone is interested in joining me (but we might need to be quick!), we could go to Knuston Hall for 2 nights and they would allow us to use the Practical Room for crafting (a large classroom/studio where I did my bookbinding and printmaking courses). 
For the bargain price of £188 for a Single Room, or £164 for a Shared Room, full board. 

That seems amazing value to me.  Their normal rate would be over £200 for a shared room.  The meals they serve are fantastic.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - all cooked and with choices. All really yummy.  Clean and tidy bedrooms, all en-suite.  Comfortable and clean public rooms.  All very nice.

Knuston Hall, by the way, is in Northamptonshire.  It's close to Wellingborough - which is on the main rail line to /from Kings Cross, also close to Rushden and about 15 miles from Bedford (to the south) and Northampton (to the west).  Bedford is on the main Thameslink/ St Pancras line and Northampton is on the Kings Cross line.

So, if you might fancy it, do get in touch.  My e-mail is "Lizziemade (at) aol (dot) com".  I need to know soon though, as the availability might vanish...

* * *

19/1/12 4pm - Update to clarify a few things / more info

I called Knuston to ask a few questions and clarify a couple of things. 

Current availability is good, because they had a cancelled course.  There are still quite a few single rooms available, as well as shared rooms. 
The initial payment would be a Deposit of £40 on booking, with the balance due a month before - ie. by 11th March.
The £188 / £164 would include 2 nights' accommodation - Wednesday and Thursday - with all meals, starting with lunch on Wednesday and ending with lunch on Friday, after which we'd all pack up and go home.

If you're interested, contact me first, so I can confirm that it's going ahead etc.  You'd then make your booking and payment direct with Knuston.

19/1/12 - 10pm

A Further Update to Clarify something!

Some people have commented that they can't come because it is school holidays etc...  There seems to be a belief that this is "The Second Official Bloggers' Weekend".  It's not!!  A second "proper" weekend is currently under investigation - perhaps for March (if it's not too soon), late April, maybe May...  the closer we get to summer, the trickier it may be to organise it cheaply, but we'll see.

This invitation is just from me, to my blog friends (old or new!), who may fancy a couple of days away, with your crafting kit, yummy food that you don't need to cook, a nice room to yourself (or you and a friend), a lovely venue and some other crafters for company.  If two or three folks want to come along, then I'll book myself a bed, reserve us a craft room and confirm that I'm going, so you can also make your own bookings! 

I hope that is clear (as mud...).


  1. It looks like a beautiful place for a few crafty days away. Sadly during the week is not possible for me, too disruptive for my ASD son. I'm sure anyone who can go, will have a wonderful time.

  2. so glad you found a venue and so sorry I haven't even had a chance to reply to your wonderful email. Sadly I cannot make these dates as it is the Easter holidays and someone else has the time off already. Have a wonderful couple of days xxx

  3. So sad that it's during the Easter hols and I am expecting houseguests:(
    Alison xx

  4. Sorry you ladies can't come.

    BUT just to clarify - this is not an "Official Bloggers Weekend". We're still hoping to sort something out for this - maybe in March... or later in April... or May...
    Anyway, this is just an extra if you want to join me thing!


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