Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Bit of a Revamp for Lizzie Made

I decided that I was fed up with my messy blog layout.  After a bit of research on others' blogs (tidy and smart ones that were not like mine!), I have had a tidy up. 

Most of the long lists from the two sidebars, are now in Tabs across the top of the Home Page. 

I cut down on the items in the Topics list (L/H side), removed the waffle from my Profile summary (if you really want to see it, it's in my full profile view), took away a few things that were just cluttering up the sidebars, added a Search box and moved things around a bit.

It's not perfect.  I still think I need to reduce clutter and revert to only one sidebar (votes on Left or Right?). 
Still, I think it is an improvement - especially for someone as messy as me!

Opinions welcome!

* * *

UPDATE 7th March, 7:30pm

I've applied a new Blogger Template to my blog, with a change of background and colours.  Spiffed up my blog banner a bit too, so it fits better.  Let's see how it goes... 

Still would welcome comments! 



  1. It looks all fresh and ready for Spring!

  2. It looks super Lizzie; I love the tabs at the top, great idea! x

  3. Looking good! I agree that one sidebar would make it even better, R or L doesn't matter. I would also suggest if you can delineate the tabs at the top somehow in the layout design to make the text separate, they would catch the eye better. Always nice to see how others are tweaking their blogs--I just added the search gadget after reading your post.

  4. lots of pruning going on - I scrolled down. How did you add the search box?

  5. Very nice! I'm afraid I'm still back in the stone ages with the first layout/format I started with from that very first Shimelle blogging class.

  6. I love a Spring clean - looks great. I think one side bar too - R would be my peference.

  7. i love it. perhaps a new background to go with the new layout would be gr8?
    jo xxx

  8. I'm gonna do that one day - but not today.

  9. It looks good (can't say I'd noticed the old format as being messy) and I like the tabs at the top.

    I personally prefer sidebars on the right ... seems more logical as they are an "extra" to the main text and we read L->R.

    Your blog is too big for my laptop screen so I only see one sidebar anyway.

  10. It can be addicting Lizzie! Looking great :)

    I prefer the sidebar on the right but several blogs I read have it on the left and they look great too.

  11. Ahh, spring cleaning, it's a good feeling to have a spruce up every now and then!
    I like the tabs Lizzie, and, did you know that you can try out your side bar in the advanced section of blogger templates? You can view it as you go and see which one you like best!

  12. What a lovely change - smart and tidy and easy to find things.

  13. Looks good. I put my sidebar on the right because pages tend to load from the left, so my post loads before all the stuff in the sidebar & people can get started reading right away.

  14. Sounds like a Right Hand Sidebar then!
    I'm going to experiment a bit... be back soon!

  15. I love it! It looks very professional.

  16. Looks great! I think I should maybe spruce mine up a bit.

  17. Pruning your blog AND your garden?! You go girl! I think it looks great. I'm still struggling to sort mine out with the header but you've done a great job on yours.


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