Thursday, 8 March 2012

Three More Books

I have a lot of books on my Commissions List just now.  It's good news really, though I'm having to keep myself organised, so I get it all done (those who have known me for a while, will know that organisation doesn't come easily to me, nor am I a particularly speedy worker... hmmm..).

This week, I've completed 3 more books (one of which I posted an In Progress photo last week). 
This - a ten-needle Coptic Binding - became...
this Wedding Guest Book, for Maria and Bruce.
This is the completed binding.  I think it looks good!
The cover images kind-of continue across the back and front pages. 
The Coptic binding allows the book to open out flat all the way through - you can see that the stitching forms a sort-of "hinge" on the bound edge.
I made a special label for the inside of the book.  The coloured section-wraps are cut with my new Martha Stewart edge punch. I thought it would be lovely for wedding books!
* * *
Yesterday, I finished this Japanese stab-stitch Photo Album, for Sarah.  She saw one I made last summer (posted on Facebook) and asked for a similar album, as a gift for her grandparents.
It has 15 pages of white stiff card, with spacers included, to prevent the photos making the book bulge.
A detail of the binding, made with a grape-purple waxed linen. 
You can also see the spacers and the gaps between the pages.
I used some threads from a piece of the silk, to make a hand-tied matching tassel.  It's tied with gold thread, to match the printed design on the paper. 
Sarah has seen the photos I posted on Facebook.  She says she loves the book, so it will soon be on its way to her!
* * *
This is a Coptic-bound book, that I completed today. 

It's a Comments book, for a lady I know, who runs a stall at craft fairs and farmers' markets, selling her excellent herbal-based remedies, soaps and skin-care products.  Her name is Melanie. 

I took a selection of papers to her, just before Christmas, and she chose this "Bird and Nest" paper, by Cavallini.  I made up some covers -  a pair of hinged covers, for a stab-stitch binding and this pair, for a coptic binding.  She chose the coptic binding, so she could have more pages.  I then added the silk edges, to enhance the binding.
The back cover has more birds on (though the silk has covered a bird's head).  It's not a very large book, so the big designs have been rather chopped up, but I think it still looks nice. 
Melanie wants a label for the book. 
I have taken a number of shots for her, with various label ideas.  This is one, for the inside of the book, with an oval label mounted on a piece of silk, to match the covers.
Really though, I think the front cover makes far more sense, and looks much more balanced, with a label mounted under the medallion with the big bird in it.  I hope this is the option she likes, as it's definitely my favourite idea.
I'm waiting for her to see the photos I posted on Facebook (it's so useful to be able to post an album full of photos on my Facebook Page, then send someone a link to it!), then for her decision on a label.  Then this will soon be displayed - and I hope, used - on her table, at various fairs and markets!
* * *
That's the three books I've completed in the past week.  I still have plenty to do; also I want to make a number of books for my shop, as Stock items, that are ready to send out immediately.   Tomorrow I must go "paper shopping", then get back to work! 


  1. Lizzie, those are just beautiful. You do lovely work. I am very sure everyone is going to be tickled pink! xox

    PS I am going to use the frames for some little drawings, I think. :)

  2. Lizzie, your books are lovely!

    I love your blog changes too. I do find blogs with white backgrounds a lot easier to read and the tabs look to be working well, along with the righthand sidebar - do you like your changes? Is this the final change? Can we expect more? :-)

  3. These are perfectly stunning ... you do such beautiful work and make such lovely, lovely things. Glad the commissions keep coming; you deserve them. :)

  4. Aww... how nice, thank you all! I so enjoy making my books. I just need to get organised, then I could make 3-times as many!

    Amy, I had a list of blogs, in my old l/h sidebar, which I visited daily. I moved it into the "Friends" tab... but I missed seeing the list, with the new posts highlighted. So I've put it back - limited to max 20 blogs though! It's now near the bottom on the right.
    Who knows if I'll change any more? I'm not that organised, you know...

  5. Love that purple one - glad the commissions are going well!

  6. The inside detailing on the first is fantastic! And I adore the print on the second one.

  7. Beautiful. You go from strength to strength

  8. I love the second one, both the color and the stitch type. They are all so pretty

  9. L absolutely live the wedding book x

  10. Beautiful work Lizzie! Your customers obviously love the way you give them options and try to make the best book for them. That's what keeps them coming!

  11. Wow Lizzie - these are absolutely beautiful - I especially like the first one and also the one with the bird on x

  12. Wow Lizzie - these are absolutely beautiful - I especially like the first one and also the one with the bird on x

  13. Your books are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the different bindings and the colours are gorgeous. The wedding one is stunning. Can you bind paper that is already written on?


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