Monday, 19 March 2012

Blissed Out Boys...

Davey has just finished a contract and is taking a few days off. He spent the weekend helping in the house, helping James find some new shoes (that boy's feet just won't stop growing!), shopping for the garden, making a nice lunch on Mother's Day, for me and my mum... Then this morning he planted the rose bush we bought my mum for her Mothers' Day present and painted her new bird table with wood preserver. After lunch (which he made, while I did laundry!), he planted out the new plants we bought for our own garden. 
I think he deserved a rest this afternoon!  
Of course, Sherlock considered it his duty to help.  He always approves of any plan that allows him to be near his Favourite Human.  

Both thoroughly blissed out!


  1. I love the way a cat can make itself blend into the furniture like that. He looks a lovely cat.

  2. It sounds as though that rest was very well deserved!
    Alison xx

  3. Boys feet grow at an alarming rate! We have one here with size 11 - a constant source of surprise to me who stopped at a 2!

  4. Ahhhh. . . I'm not sure who looks more comfy - the man or the cat!

  5. That's such a fab photo! Your cat looks huge... I hope he didn't fall on him!

  6. I love that pictures - both look so peaceful and I am sure ... in his own mind ...Sherlock had worked 'hard' and needed a rest too


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