Saturday, 7 April 2012

Out for "A Bit of a Blow" by the Lake!

The weather here was very nice, until the middle of last week, when it turned really chilly and quite rainy.  Some parts of UK have even had quite a bit of snow (we are lucky to have avoided this).   In any case, the sudden change in temperature and drop in light levels had a bad effect on me and James. We were both feeling dull and "tired" - listless, no energy, little enthusiasm.  James was looking pale, wan and a bit miserable - unusual for our cheerful young man. 

So, this morning I decided we would do something about this.  The sun was out first thing, with just a few fluffy clouds, so it seemed a good day for a Walk to Somewhere Nice - or in the more graphic speech of the area "a bit of a blow", to clear our heads and wake us up. 

I discussed with with Davey, over my nice breakfast in bed (he is so kind... I overslept and he brought me my breakfast).  We decided to head for a local Country Park, where there is a lovely man-made lake, with plenty of trees and wildlife, paths to walk on, grassy areas and, best of all, a very nice cafe that serves great little meals!

The weather did turn rather dull mid-morning and we were afraid our walk might be spoiled by heavy rain; we decided to risk it and were lucky enough to avoid the rain - it started raining as we were driving home, after a lovely walk, an equally enjoyable lunch and another "blow" by the lake, before we headed back to the car. 

A little photo album:

The lake at the Country Park.  Even on a dull day, it looks quite lovely.
The river flows past the country park also and you can walk along its banks.

Dave and James rambling about on the lake shore.  James found a stick - as usual! (he put it back where he found it, on the way back)
The Country Park office sells bags of grain, that you can feed to the water birds.  James still enjoys doing this and found quite a few "friends" today!
Father and Son - see how big James is getting?

We also saw quite a lot of wildlife and plant life on our walk:
The bee looked as if he'd rather have stayed in bed today - too cold.  This robin had a beak full of insects - we could hear his babies in the nearby hedges, squeaking for their food.
The nest is a left-over from last year - it would have been well covered by leaves and greenery, which are only just returning now.  I should think its erstwhile owners are busy building a new one just now!
There was a lot of fungus growing all over the tree, in these sort of overlapping scales. 
The willow trees are beginning to sprout leaves and there are catkins everywhere.  Quite a lot of teazels, bullrushes and reeds are left over from the winter, but the new ones will be growing soon.
I found a patch of primroses, nestling under some trees and a cowslip coming into bloom.  There will soon be a big variety of wildflowers blooming, but it's quite exposed by the lake, so only the very brave and hardy are out just yet!  The hedges are also beginning to flower - the May Blossom (Blackthorn) is out, but I forgot to photograph it!

We had been admiring various pieces of wood sculpture, dotted around the lake and car park area.  We came upon the wood carver's yard, with the carver himself, hard at work.
A Giant Tortoise, an Owl...
...a squirrel, a badger...
...hedgehog, barn owl...
a leveret (or rabbit?), a grass snake...
and a dog named Danny - presumably someone's pet.

We had a lovely time today and I do think it's blown away most of the cobwebs.  It's still rather dull and rainy, but I certainly feel more awake than I have for days - James seems more lively too.  It was definitely worth making the effort to get out into the fresh air and countryside.
But this is what Sherlock did while we were out!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter!  We have the family coming over tomorrow, so it will be a busy day.


  1. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered Lizzie...and lovely pics too...Happy Easter to you and yours too

  2. Lovely pictures. Everybody needs that sort of walk every once in a while to blow away the cobwebs.

  3. Glad you are feeling the better of your 'blow', and that was a stroke of luck. finding the wood sculptures - thank-you for sharing so many of them. Yes, hasn't he got tall? Is he taller than you yet?

  4. Those sculptures are really lovely.

  5. We are in full-on Spring here. Cherry blossoms, tulips, the whole works. I hope you get some sunshine soon! And I think a walk outside is always good for clearing the head. :)) xox

  6. Hopefully your walks in the future will be filled with sunshine!

  7. Sounds like just the ticket!

    happy Easter to you all

  8. Noooooooo, thats what you think Sherlock was upto while you were out, I bet in truth he had some amazing adventure, and snuck back in just as your car pulled up, just in the nick of time for him to curl up & pretend to be asleep ;-)

  9. Happy Easter Lizzie, did you have your Easter crafting break in the end or is it next week??! Hope it all worked out xxx

  10. I've definitely been a bit of a 'Sherlock' this past weekend. So thanks for sharing everything you saw on your journey - it's such a lovely reminder that I need to get out and about a little more often.

    PS. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog the other day. Much appreciated after I've been MIA for so long xxx

  11. Hey I found your blog through a google search. You have very nice work. Happy to be a new follower.

  12. Hi Lizzie! Happy Easter to you. What a lovely photos you have here. Really happy to meet new blogger friend like you.
    Have a nice day!

    Visiting from :


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