Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday Worktable - 4th April 2012

Good Morning All Blog Friends, Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd join in with Julia's WOYWW today.

I'm very busy just now, with a batch of various books, mostly custom orders.  Thought you might like a peep at some of them in progress:  

Wedding Guest Books, for Sarah and Baibre. 

A large Wedding Album, in ivory and ruby red silk, for Sarah and a small Wedding Guest Book, with Liberty print bookcloth and matching silk edging, for Bairbre.  Both sets of covers are ready, having spent a night under weights, while they dried.  Today I will be cutting the sets of pages for each, then preparing them for binding.

Wedding Guest Book, for Caroline.

An 8" x 6" Wedding Guest Book for Caroline, with Cavallini paper covers, lined with aqua marled Murano art paper.  The pages are med-heavy weight smooth paper, arranged in sets of four, with card paper spacers and folded Murano paper guards/ wraps, which are cut with a decorative punched edging.  These have all been under weights, to keep the covers flat while they dried and to prepare the pages for binding.  I will make holes in the folds of the pages and matching ones in the covers, ready for a Coptic stitch binding in deep turquoise thread.

* * *
Also in progress, but not so far along, are a pair of A4 sized books, with decorative paper covers, plain pages and concertina envelope folders in front and back.  These will be used by Samantha, to write recipes in for her daughters.  The folder sections will be for clippings and loose recipe pages.   I'm making a "try out" book as I go, to make sure I iron out any small problems, before committing any idea to the larger books. 

And an extra large Wedding Album, for Melissa, in natural unbleached linen and golden yellow silk.  This will have a printed guest book section at the front and heavier plain pages at the back, for photos.

Then there's a Japanese stab-stitch version of the Liberty print book above, as I started both types of cover, while the customer decided what she needed.  These will have a gorgeous green/deep pink shot silk edging on the covers, instead of the damson-mauve of the covers above.  Just now they are only part-made though.  

I'll post some pictures of all these, when there is more progress - just now they're just piles of board and papers.

Back to work - Busy Day!  Hope all Blog Friends are well and having nice Spring weather today (or in the case of my Southern Hemisphere Friends, a crisp Autumnal day, without fog or drizzly rain). X

PS. Oh, dear, talk about North/South Divide... I hadn't paid attention to the news and it seems my friends in the Northern part of UK are suffering badly with heavy snowfalls and/or freezing temperatures.  It's not balmy here, but at least it's not snowing!  Sorry all (esp. Alexa and Sian)  Hope all is back to Springtime soon!


  1. I especially like Caroline's - such lovely page and that decorative edge is perfect. Spring weather? We have seven inches of snow up here and all the roads in and out are impassable!

  2. I love that decorative edging too.

    It's freezing here too, but at least we have escaped the snow

  3. i love hearing all the book making progress lizzie. my virus is improving, touch wood, although i'm not sleeping well and my chest hurts from all the coughing
    jo xxx

  4. Gorgeous albums and I love the covers. In Scotland we have the sun back to-day after having snow yesterday. Hugs Rita xx

  5. Love the Liberty-print one especially!
    Alison xx

  6. I love the soft blue edging....looks great....hope the snow doesn't darken your door


  7. Beautiful books to be treasured Lizzie.

  8. I just love, love, love that second book! The heart trim in the beautiful blue is lovely!!Can't wait to see pics of the unbleached linen with golden yellow silk book...that sounds divine too! Happy WOYWW #31

  9. what a beautiful book so inspiring.
    i will come back again to pinc some ideas.
    happy easter.
    lynn #14
    one i made earlier today

  10. So clever and beautiful keepsakes too. Happy WOYWW from a fellow southerner. Cindy #67

  11. what beautiful books! Lizzie when/if I get married, you will be my first port of call for a custom made book! xx

  12. Oh lovely stuff - and aren't you patient! I especially like the liberty print and the punched edge finish..very pretty.

  13. your books are so special, I love how you have used the heart edging so pretty xxx

  14. Lizzie, I emailed you then emptied my saved folder in a fit of spam-cleaning! Did you get the email?

  15. Hi Lizzie. I've posted a tutorial for the carrots today. I thought I'd better do it before Easter!

  16. Sorry I'm a bit late this week! Fabulous books, happy easter x
    Sophie no.72


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