Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quick Update - More Books!

I am very much buried under books just now.  I don't mind, as it's exciting to have lots of orders and projects, but it's a bit exhausting (and the housework suffers!).

Tomorrow though, I will have a "Day Off", to go to Cambridge and meet two Special People.  More about this as soon as possible after the day! 

Meanwhile, I've been busy making.  These three are some of the latest things I've finished.  I'm also working on a project to make a large silk wedding guest album, with a storage/gift box to keep it in.   I hope to report on my box-making adventures in the near future!

A little picture gallery, of what I finished recently :
This Coptic-stitch book is for a friend, Melanie, who runs a stall at Farmers' Markets and fairs, selling wonderful hand-made herbal products - face & body care etc.  Her rose skin toner and rose & frankincense face ointment have really helped clear up the rosacea that bothers me sometimes.

Anyway, the label was not attached yet, so she could write her own words on it (and use the spare if it went wrong!).  The binding is in mousey-brown linen and the cover edgins are in a deep teal/golden brown shot-silk.

Back view.  This paper is by Cavallini and is called "Birds and Nests".  It does actually have those words printed in the design, but it's a very large design and those bits didn't come out on the part I used for this book.  (There's another in my shop just now, which uses the same paper on the covers and has the words on too!) 
Inside there is lovely natural-white smooth paper.  The covers are lined with Murano art paper, in a slate colour.  

This will sit on Melanie's stall and she will collect customers' comments. I took it to the local farmers' market last Saturday and delivered it in person (luckily she likes it!).

* * *
In the post this morning...

Another book in this lovely paper!  8" x 6" Wedding Guest Album, to hold polaroids, as well as the good wishes of the guests. 

Coptic binding, in turquoise linen thread.

It's very thick, as there are 50 pages (100 sides) of stiff paper, plus double-thickness spacers, to allow room for the polariod photos. 
I cut the second set of spacers from aqua marled Murano paper, to match the cover linings.  They are wrapped round each section (4 pages/sheets per section), over the top of spacers made in the same stiff, heavy-weight paper as the pages.

The bride chose a hand-cut label for the first page, to match the cover paper.
I wish them both a lovely Wedding Day and much happiness for the future!

 * * *
Two suede notebooks/journals, about 6" x 4" in size. They have metal buttons with wrap-round ribbon to fasten them - and add a bit of decoration.  

The teal & green book has green-designed end-papers and the red & bronze book has greeny-grey.  These are both scrapbooking papers, by My Mind's Eye.  They are just great for end-papers or linings.

I'm very pleased with how these turned out.  They're designed for presents (a certain BFF has a birthday this week...) and I hope they'll be well-received.

So, off to do some box-making!  I hope to have "completed" photos of the book and box very soon.  And tomorrow I'm off to Cambridge for a day out - excited...


  1. They all look lovely - I particulary like the suede ones. You have been busy.

  2. Gorgeous Lizzie - glad the "business" is doing well - not so worried about your housework - that will still be there next week!!! Have a lovely day in Cambridge.

  3. It's so good to read about the success of your business (and to enjoy the pictures). Have a great day out!

  4. So happy for your success - strike while the iron is hot, I always say! I might make my own sketchbook when my current one is full.

  5. I love both these 'bird' books - and that Coptic binding is visually so interesting. Hoping you have a lovely well-earned rest and recuperation day. Does your friend have an Internet site? I have a dad and a brother who are both bothered by Rosacea...

  6. Love the new books! Especially the wedding one. I am happy you have a day off to play. Housework is not fun, and I highly recommend you ignore it. :)) xox!!

  7. Lovely boooks, and lovely that you are so busy, but enjoy your break tomorrow!
    Alison xx

  8. I came to you via Celia and just wanted to say how much I like your books. They are beautiful. I am not surprised you are busy!

  9. Hello Elizabeth - thank you for the visit and the lovely comment!

    And thanks to everyone else too- it's so nice to get feedback (especially positive!)


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