Sunday, 26 May 2013

It was Summer - All Weekend

Well, after the "Two Year Winter" and the long, long, oh so long stretch of freezing, icy, chill weather... it's been so nice to have some sunshine!  Of course, what's happening just now, is that we get a day of sun, then several of rain and wind - so sunshine is seriously a bonus these days.

But yesterday and today it has been Summer. For certain.

There are flowers in the borders - even bluebells.
Clematis Montana climbing up the Willow tree,
Apple Blossoms!
The Willow tree is in leaf (at last!).
Mr. Blackbird is busy collecting food for ever-hungry chicks.
I even found an Orange Tip Butterfly on the flowers.
Miffy & Petra have been enjoying the fresh air.
However, the reason I know it is Really Summer, is this:
Dave & James have put the trampoline together!
Summer is here - at least, until tomorrow...


  1. Oh that photograph of the butterfly is wonderful! What a pretty little one x

  2. Lovely summery post Lizzie and I adore your little guinea babies x

  3. It certainly is beginning to look that way,Lizzie....lovely photos.

  4. we got sunburnt yesterday as the sun was shining and it definitely felt like summer and I spent all day in my parents' garden....bliss! Your garden looks lovely xxx

  5. It was the best weekend wasn't it! We brought a load of quilts outside and sat around drinking tea and reading in the sun! Today is sadly grey and windy again! Probably serves me right going to uni so far north! xxx

  6. Beautiful photos. Nature seems to have sprouted into life at once this year in spectacular fashion.

  7. Lucky you! As I type it is hailstoning here. Seriously!

  8. Wonderful flowers! It looks nice. We had some nice days but it's gone back to rainy

  9. How lovely to see the apple blossom! We are a few weeks behind you, I guess. Hoping in the midst of all your busy days you can enjoy your pretty garden!

  10. I do hope summer stays for a while longer! the pics!
    Alison xx

  11. WOW - what an interesting butterfly! Our apple blossom is long gone, but there are quite a few tiny fruits developing ... hoping that we get some apples this year as there were ZERO last year!

  12. Wonderful to spot the butterfly and flowers - has been summer here too :)


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