Monday, 20 May 2013

Swap Treasure

Recently there was a lovely idea posted at Sian's blog.  She suggested we should hold a bloggers' Swap of Very Small Things

We e-mailed our details to Sian and she made up a Swap List.  The idea was that you would send a Swap package to the person below you on the list.  So I was sending my package of Very Small Things to Jean (whose parcel was posted today!); and I have received a package from the lovely Jane
What? Oh, yes, the parcel... what Very Small Things did it contain?
Well, this was inside the very nicely decorated bubble envelope... See the friendly message?

And the litle package was so pretty... and exciting...
...and when I opened it, all this gorgeousness spilled out!  Look at the fab little bits & pieces - buttons, sparkly things, butterflies & flowers, tiny folders and die-cuts, little pieces of paper, tags, twine, ribbon, even a cute crochet flower. 
I feel lucky and very spoiled.  Thank you so much Jane, I'm delighted! 
Jane has also blogged about her package today - she received some lovely little things too and seems to be equally happy. 
What a great idea this was - thanks to Sian for organising this!  


  1. What a lovely little package.

  2. ooh you'll have lots of fun with all that loveliness Lizzie.

    thanks for your kind words today xx

  3. Oooh so pretty! It;s exciting to see what everyone else has received

  4. I'm so glad it arrived safely and you are pleased with it x

  5. Oh how fun! I loved seeing what was inside your sweet little package! :o)

  6. It's so exciting watching the parcels arrive and I'm getting a lot of vicarious pleasure from peeping inside. This one looks like it will suit you perfectly :)

  7. ooh so many pretty things. I'm still putting things in my envelope for Clair, hope she likes it,
    Jo xxx

  8. Oh how fun to see all these packages and their contents :)

  9. Just had a lovely catch up, Lizzie..that teacup material is is your collection of swap goodies!
    Alison xx

  10. What amazing colours! This swap has been lot of fun.


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