Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy News!

We have another new addition to our family.  A new baby - I'm a Great Auntie four times over now!

This little man is Jenson James, born on 27th February.  He's a baby brother for my middle great niece, Alexie, who will be five next month.

Here's his clever mummy, my lovely niece Caroline.  

She looks so much more relaxed than when Alexie was born. Five years older and wiser, with the knowledge that she has done it all before! 

(This one's Alexie!)

And he's a lovely little chap, very quiet and no trouble, so she has been able to settle down to being his mum with little fuss and bother. 

I paid my first visit on Tuesday morning and was so thrilled to meet him.  

Lovely, isn't he? 


  1. He absolutely is gorgeous! Many congratulations on your renewed Great Auntie status and to Alexie for having nurtured and safely brought this lovely little one into the world.

    1. Well, that'd be his mummy, Caroline ;-). But thank you Alexa! (ooo, Alexa / Alexie - very close, eh?). Alexie is that little pink baby, now growing into a lovely little lady.

  2. he is gorgeous, congratulations to you all xx

  3. Sooooooooooo cute! Congratulations.& I love that blanket.

    1. Isn't he cute though? He's a little red-head, like his cousin Elle! The gorgeous knitted blanket was made for him by his Great Grandma June - Caroline's Grandma. We all think it's great!

  4. Congratulations! Babies are such a treasure :)

  5. Oh, he is indeed - many congratulations to all! :)


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