Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wednesday Worktable - 11th February 2015 - Just finishing Off...

This is my contribution to WOYWW (What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday), over at JuliaDunnit's Blog. Each Wednesday, Julia invites fellow crafters and bloggers to show a photo or two of their worktables, and explain what they've been doing. 

It's really rather messy...  I'm working on a photo album for Elien, with covers of a lovely peacock-feather patterned paper and silk trim (more photos in my previous post!).  Just the finishing touches now - she would like a nice label on the first page, with her name. 

I've made up a couple of examples and now know what she would like (a long rectangular label, with the text on one line, in a nice curly font, double-mounted on silk and blue paper, to match the book covers).  So, I just need to make up the label and attach it - then the book is ready for despatch to USA! 

And what else?  Well, the pile on the left is sketchbooks and planning notebooks - not much to see there. At the back are some Kraft card notebook covers, with little square apertures, all ready for another batch of 4"x6" notebooks.

On the right, amongst the jumble, is a shimmery pink ribbon rose, a ribbon bow, a green felt leaf and a gold-painted piece of dowel.  What will it be?  A Fairy Wand, for a certain Rose Fairy.  

More about Fairy Wands in a post very soon! 

* * *

That's my contribution to the WOYWW Story this week - thanks for reading.  
Why not pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and see what else is going on in the crafting world?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jacky. I also love that combination of paper and silk. I made a large and a small album last summer, using that same paper.
      I actually ordered the paper from a shop in Edinburgh - having seen it in a photo of her shop, that she posted on Facebook! She very kindly sent me a few sheets (I did pay!), rolled up and nicely packaged. I love that paper!

  2. Beautiful cover
    Hugs Gaby #40

    1. Hello Gaby, thanks for your visit. I am also pleased with the album cover. That paper and silk just Work!
      I'll be adventuring my way through the WOYWW soon, so I hope to see your desk too!

  3. It is indeed a lovely cover ... and I am intrigued by that clever folding of the rose wand. Will be watching out!

    1. Oo, yes, I learned how to fold roses from ribbon. It's not very hard - you just have to practice a bit to get "the knack". I was very pleased with it (and there's another, which I will show in a blog post too).
      Maybe I should try to make a little tutorial...

  4. I'm sure there is a girl going to be really happy with her fairy want!!! I love the album cover design in combination with the blue silk. I should buy me some bright coloured silk fabric too, for my books... I always like the feel of it and coloured silk is so bright! Happy (belated) woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #43

    1. Marit, I love to see the books you are working on. Silk would be great for some of those. I have over 50 differently coloured pieces in my silk box!

  5. That album is awesome! I love the colour and the pattern. So elegant! Thank you for sharing
    Gabriele 17


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