Sunday, 29 March 2015

Business Card Cases in Leather

If you read my Wednesday Worktable post, you'll have seen In Progress photos of some Business Card holders I was making, from pieces of leather: 
I had cut out the leather and embossed a design onto each one.  Two were painted, one in gold and the other in silver. 

I also had various pieces of decorative paper on the table, that were suitable for lining the cases.  

They are now finished! 

Grey-beige, soft leather case, with silver-painted embossed design and blue lokta paper lining. 

Light grey, smooth leather case, with gold-painted embossed design and lined with teal lokta paper. 

Smooth red leather case, with blind-embossed design.  Lined with floral patterned Italian paper.  

This red case sold immediately, to the lovely lady who had originally persuaded me to make some more of these.  She'd asked to see the case I had made for myself, when I mentioned it on Facebook: 

This is my case, in soft black leather, with an embossed design, which I decorated in gold leaf.  The gold-leafing was really tricky and I'm still learning how to do this successfully.  The method I'm using doesn't require heating tools, but it still needs a lot of care.  I'm practising, but not yet quite good enough to make items for sale.  I'll get there though!  

Meanwhile, I'm quite pleased with my case and it was a good learning exercise.  For a start, this case doesn't hold enough cards, so I modified the design so that the new ones will take up to twenty cards.  I also changed the position of the flaps, so they are now positioned in the centre, instead of at the end.  

So now I have two cases for sale - just in case anyone would like one!  Of course, I could be persuaded to take a commission.  I do have other leather pieces in stock! 


  1. The ones lined with floral paper are especially attractive, Lizzie. I can see why it sold immediately!

  2. Agreeing with Alexa the patterned lined versions are very tempting. I already have two cases tho'...


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