Monday, 24 January 2011

But Life Goes On…

This is my Auntie Kate.

She had leukemia and I’m sad to say that she finally lost her fight on Saturday 15th January and slipped quietly away to Heaven, to be with Bill (her husband), her mother and father, and her brother, Robert (my dad). 

This is her garden, which she loved (and so did I).

The funeral was on Friday 21st.  Her ashes are now buried here, at the little church on the hill, along with those of her husband; my grandma (her mother) and my father are also buried here. So it’s a special place for me to visit.

The views from up there are inspiring.  It will be a good place to go and remember.

I hardly need to say it, but I shall… I will miss her sorely.  She is with Bill and the rest of the family now and no longer suffering.  Still, it’s hard for us left behind, who loved her. 

Please think of my cousins when you say your prayers – her daughter, Trina and sons, Innes and Neil.  Their children Jasmine, Daniel, Alastair and James. 
Also her much-loved (and much loving) niece, Terry, who was only 14 years her junior and who was always very close to her.  She took on much of the burden of helping Auntie over the last few years, since my cousins all live so far away (Trina in Teneriffe, Neil in Australia).  
All of these will feel her loss very much.

As will I.

* * *

But, Life Goes On and the Sun still Shines...

On Saturday, it was my pleasant duty to take my elder niece, Keri-Anne, out for a morning of shopping in Northampton, where she lives.

We had a lovely morning, stopping at a cafe for an extra breakfast (Elle didn’t eat much breakfast and said “It’s lunch time?”) and spending time in several lovely little shops.
We arrived home at 12:30, to be met by Caroline, Keri-Anne’s sister; also lots of family and friends, who had all gathered while we were out, to set up a wonderful Baby Shower for Keri-Anne (and her husband!).

220111_Baby_Shower  220111_Baby_Shower2
There were presents…

220111_Baby_Shower3  220111_Baby_Shower6
and more presents…

and more presents!

220111_Baby_Shower4  220111_Baby_Shower5
There were friends and family…

There were amazing cup-cakes, made by friend Laura…

220111_Baby_Shower11  220111_Baby_Shower12
Oh, did I mention presents?

220111_Baby_Shower9  220111_Baby_Shower10
and more presents?

quite a little stash, in fact…

and things for Keri-Anne too…

and a pretty book, to record all the details (not made by me, but by a friend of Caroline’s).
It was a great success.  Caroline was the best party hostess, having secretly organised this party over the past few months (Facebook Messages are soo useful!).

Keri-Anne (and Gilles and Elle) had a lovely time – as did we all!

Well done Caroline and best wishes to the little Pink Family, for the forthcoming birth of your newest family member (due in March)!


  1. I'm sorry for your loss.

    It looks like your niece got some great stuff at the shower.

  2. Hi Lizzie ~ This is an interesting post. So sorry to hear about your aunt's passing, but happy to hear of the new family member coming your way. I will definitely keep your family in my thoughts and prayers, and sending happy thoughts for the new little life coming your way as well.

  3. Lizzie, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. You certainly have a lovely place to remember them all :-)

  4. So sorry to hear about your auntie, but lovely to see the baby shower piccies. Looks like a very fun event! x

  5. Dear Lizzie
    Sorry for your bad news. The little church is such a lovely place for you to go and reflect. There must be something very comforting in that. Now is the time to remember all the lovely things, all the joy they brought to your lives and the real influences that loved ones have on us.
    Don't be too sad

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss,Lizzie...but good news that as one life ends, another is about to begin.

  7. Ah, Lizzie, my sincere condolences to you and your family. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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