Sunday, 30 January 2011

Turning Turtle

I just thought I'd make a short post about Turtles...or quite specifically, A Turtle. 

I have made many friends through my blog. They are all lovely people and come from all over the world.  From time to time something or other happens that brings one or other of my blog friends to mind; I like to think of my friends - it makes me happy.

This week, I just keep bumping into Turtles.  No reason why, they just pop up all over. For instance, we were in Milton Keynes yesterday and I kept seeing Turtles.. on bags, in shop windows, on stalls and in shops. I nearly bought a teeny toy turtle, with a pull-back motor, that would whizz along the floor... but no, I restrained myself.  These turtles are everywhere.

They even pop up on my blog... or DebTurtle does, quite often!  


If you don't know Deb of Paper Turtle, I suggest you go and visit - she's a star!

So, in honour of Deb and turtles everywhere:

This is a Treasury List from Etsy. It's just some of the wonderful Turtles that can be found there! Etsy is another of my favourite places!


  1. I'm a big fan of Deb at Paper Turtle ~ I'd really love to meet her.

  2. I love turtles! They've been my favorite animal since I was a wee thing. Ironically I've never had one as a pet. I'm too afraid I'd do the poor thing in with my inexperience, so I'll just stick with dogs! :)

  3. We have a Red Eared Slider in our outdoor pond. She winters out there, and will sometimes pop her little head up on warmer winter days. We haven't seen her at all yet this winter even though it's been quite warm. I'm a bit worried about her, so I too have turtles on the brain!

    Off to check out your treasury... :)

  4. Very cute! I bet Deb will absolutely love this

  5. Lizzie!!! :o)!!! Thank you so much for this very sweet post. Oh my gosh. I am so touched. I had such a busy weekend and am skimming through my reader this morning playing catch up and I see this little gem from you. You are such a doll, and I really appreciate this. Of course, I LOVE the turtles you chose for me!!!

    Thanks again, Lizzie. This just made my day. :o)

  6. She likes it then...
    And you know what? All these great comments have made My day!

    Happy, happy, happy... :-))

  7. I just knew Deb Turtle would love this post! Who knew there were so many turtles around?!

  8. I love Deb Turtle, too! I think my favorite turtles are the sea turtles in Hawaii.

  9. I love turtles! When I was little I wanted one for a pet, but alas, it was not to be. :) Maybe I will sew a plushie one! xox Pam

  10. Well, turtles seem to be special to quite a few people (as does Deb!!).

    Pam, if you make a plushie Turtle, do tell me- I bet it would be ace!

    To Everyone Else - if you haven't visted Pam's blog and seen her amazing creatures/dolls/pets, then I recommend you to go there without delay!

  11. Oh, this made me smile so much - at being reminded of Deb, and at the thought of her reaction when she saw your post! :-)


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