Saturday, 1 January 2011

Remembering to say “Thank You”

Happy New Year to Everyone - I hope 2011 will be a wonderful year for you all.

Of course, we all were given a few nice things over Christmas, weren’t we?  I certainly was – I received some lovely gifts from friends and family and I want to make sure I say “Thank You” properly.

So I’ve made some Thank You Cards:

Using the new printing plates I got for my “L-Letterpress” set. I chose a small snowflake and the words “Thank You”. 
010111_Letterpress_1  010111_Letterpress_2

Apply the plates to the top of the Letterpress, using the grid as a guide. Put stiff paper on the bottom section, matching it to the grid.
010111_Letterpress_3  010111_Letterpress_4

Ink up the plates and close the top, then run it through my embossing machine.

010111_Letterpress_5  010111_Letterpress_6

A lovely de-bossed, printed Letterpress image.  I made several lots of these.

The manufacturer sells special letterpress inks, which you’re supposed to apply with a roller, like “real” printing; I have been using the normal coloured inks on foam pads – with excellent results. 

The advantage is that I can use letterpress printing, rubber stamps and other sorts of inking techniques, all with the same inks, so that the whole project matches (made some New Baby cards that way and they looked great – forgot to take photos though!).

010111_Letterpress_7  010111_Letterpress_8
010111_Letterpress_9  010111_Letterpress_10

I also used a short “thanks” plate and printed several of these, as inside bits for the cards.


I hope you can see the slightly indented printing.  I really like letterpress – it looks smart.

010111_Letterpress_12  010111_Letterpress_13 
This rubber stamp is proving to be one of my best ever crafting investments.  I have used it loads.  It’s great for making backgrounds, as you can see here; I ink it up and gently press it at random, all over the card/paper, so that it gives an all-over design of writing.

010111_Letterpress_15  010111_Letterpress_16

Stick the printed panel on top and it looks very effective (by the way, I inked the edges of the cards and panels before attaching them to each card - it makes the whole project look more "finished" somehow).

I also over-printed the inside messages with the same stamp.  I tap off some of the ink before printing, so it isn’t too heavy. I think it looks great.

I’m pleased with my cards – hopefully the recipients will like them too!


  1. Oh, your letter press looks like a very fun toy, and your cards are lovely!!! xo

  2. your cards look great - what a fun printing set up

  3. A lovely way to say 'thank you'.

  4. Really lovely - I'm a big fan of thank you letters too!

  5. Happy New Year to you Lizzie, your cards are bound to be a hit.

  6. Happy New Year to you all Lizzie :-)
    The cards look lovely and the letterpress looks like a great addition to the craft stash!

  7. Great reminder to get the kids on their thank you notes tomorrow!

  8. Very pretty way to say Tank You!

  9. They a really nice Lizzie, your toy looks like lots of fun! :)

  10. I'm sure they were much appreciated, Lizzie, they're lovely! :-) I was looking at a Letterpress set on special offer a couple of days ago, and I thought of you... I was very tempted, but all my spare cash is being put aside for my Tim Holtz class right now - I know I'll want to buy all the products we use!


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