Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sherlock's Latest Little Game...

You will know we have a cat, called Sherlock.  We love Sherlock very much. No cat could be more cared about, or better cared for.  He hasn't been well, this past year, and has cost us a considerable amount in vet bills; but we don't mind - because he's a Member of the Family and we love him.


He used to spend large parts of the day snoozing in my studio
Remember the Guest Chair, just for Sherlock?

That's when he wasn't snoozing in the sunshine of course
Sherlock's favourite seat in the garden - weather permitting.


Then there was his game with the shower tray...
drinking from the shower tray... beware of paw-prints on the bathroom floor!

Now these pale into insignificance... fade into the distant past... Sherlock has a New Game.

Recently, probably because he's getting on a bit and it's been cold, Sherlock has preferred to stay in the house.  Which is fine.  He doesn't like it if we all go out and he is left alone, so we're treated to a big fuss when we come home (except for me - I'm either ignored, or asked for food, that's all; but then I am only Human No.3 and a Lesser Type of Human, being Female - he's a Man's Cat).

As I was never his favourite person (I don't mind, he's cute anyway), he either sat on the Guest Chair, or he sat elsewhere in the house, depending on his mood.  Which was fine with me.  I would feed him at breakfast and lunch times, let him go out when I was downstairs and make sure he could come in again if it was cold, offer a bit of fuss if appropriate, talk to him - you know, the usual way you treat a cat.

Now though... Hmmm.. He is driving me NUTS!  In fact, he's driving us all nuts, but I'm here more often, so I'm getting most of this. 

Allow me to explain...

Downstairs, Sherlock has a bed on the top of the sofa-back, where he snoozes when Humans are about. 
He also has a bed on the dining room sofa, where he snoozes at night, or occasionally in the daytime.  Usually he stays on the sofa and snoozes when I - or DH / DS - go upstairs; or else he follows and finds a place to snooze near to the Human of his Choice. 

With me so far?  Good.

But lately... Sherlock follows us upstairs, then wanders up and down the hallway, miaowing.  He paces around and miaows - "Miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow...." - you get the idea.  So we say, "What's up Sherlock? Come in here with us."  

"   " (silence from cat)

"Come on Sherlock, there's a good boy."

"  "

So, we leave him alone.  He sits down and washes his face/paws...
He thinks no-one is watching...

He had started to sit on a plastic carrier bag that DS had left in the hallway, with some old stuff in for the jumble sale.  For the record, Sherlock doesn't like carrier bags - their rustling scares him...
So, I replaced it with a cat bed, that he likes to sit on.
Except he doesn't any more - like to sit on this cat bed, that is. 

This was left at the other end of the hallway over the last couple of days. I've been busy and haven't picked it up.

Guess what?

Then he starts again... "Miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow...."
J. has a tall bed.  He is in bed reading, before putting out his light to sleep.  Sherlock sits by the ladder.
Then he paces around the hallway... "Miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow-miaow...." So I go out to speak to him.
He doesn't wish to speak with me... I should go away...
and let him sit here alone in solitude...
All alone, contemplating the stairs...
Life is Lonely When You're a Cat.

(Heartwrenching, isn't it?)

We're thinking of making him a sign -
"(almost) Homeless and (nearly) Starving. Donations Gratefully Received"

Life is Hard When You're a much-loved, spoiled and pampered Family Cat.


  1. Oh I love this post!!! Saffy and Sherlock would make a lovely couple!!!

  2. He's a funny little thing Lizzie - it is quite amazing to see the personality of your pet unfold!

  3. :o) Sounds like Sherlock is just as unfortunate as my two cats. ha! It's funny how their quirky little habits change as they get older. Thanks for sharing a look into the life of Sherlock.

    And by the way, Lizzie, I want to thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog. You are always so sweet and mention details about my posts that I sometimes wonder if anyone notices. Just wanted to take some time to tell you that.

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  4. What a cute ball of fluff he is! Even if he is driving you mad....

  5. I have a cat who loves to Meow non stop. But when you say "Hey Ashes, what's up" he looks at you like you are INSANE for speaking to a cat.

  6. Thanks everyone - he is lovely, if a little exasperating at times. Today - no Miaows at all; he even came to speak to me when I sat on the sofa!

    Thanks Deb, for the nice comment - I do love your blog!

  7. We too have a cat that speaks to us, Arwen. She drives us mad sometimes, but we wouldn't be without her! She loves to sit on any bag that is lying in the hall - if she does that then we won't be able to go out, well, we think that's her logic anyway!

  8. Great post Lizzie!

    Our old gray kitty passed away in Dec. but for YEARS (she was 19) she drove me nuts all day meow, meow, meowing at me!

  9. Funny and cute cat.. looks like he is just lovin life. Thanks for the comment on my blog about my new stamp room. I do get some of my stuff around the house done... but I do have to say my Husband does most of the Cooking.. I know.. hee hee (evil grin) lucky me!

    Shirley Pumpkin
    #151 Woyww'er this week.

  10. Aww Sherlock is gorgeous! What a lovely post. I love cats, should do as we have four of them!
    They are all funny little characters.... Em x


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